Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 7th March 2023 Written Update: Begum injects poison and kills Gul


Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 7th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gul in a serious condition. Marjina asks Abran whether Gul would be saved. Ali checks Gul’s pulse ad finds it very bad. He prays God to save Gul. Marjina leads Physician to save Gul but Physician says that her condition is too bad. She says that she needs to wake up by next morning to get out of danger. Marjina is worried about her wedding the next day while Gul mumbles in her unconscious state. Romana gives Alifi a day time to say the truth about Ali in order to save the goats or else they say that they would cook and eat it. Alifi gets scared. Shagufta Begum asks what were they doing downstairs.

Ali says that they were taking a stroll when they heard Gul’s screams. Begum asks whether they found something there when Ali asks why is she questioning them as Marjina already told that they saw the monster attacking Gul there. His question creates storm in Begum’s mind but she tries acting normal. She scolds him for his way of talking towards her when Ali asks whether she know who the monster is in real when Begum shuts him saying that she doesn’t know. Alifi finds smoke coming from a direction and goes there to find the magician and Romana cooking goats. She asks them where are her brothers and sister. They say that she got late to arrive and they already cooked them.

Alifi gets scared and wakes up from her dream. She comes out to check on the goats and Alifi finds them safe. She is relieved but thinks that she needs to save them by saying the truth to Ali. She apologizes to Ali in her mind. Alifi ask Physician about Gul’s condition. Physician says she lost lots of blood and if she doesn’t wake up by today than anything can happen. Marjina cries hard and touches her shoulder. she hugs him and cries while Ali comforts her. She separates herself from him and Ali suggests to pray for Gul’s recovery. Ali and Marjina pray for Gul’s recovery. Ali understands that Marjina will be completely broken id=f something happens to Gul. He prays for her recovery. Marjina also loves Gul a lot and wants her to be alive.

Shezade comes there and Begum is about to say about Gul. Shezade says that he had to kill Gul as she saw him transforming. Begum says that Gul is still not dead and is worried that she would say the truth to Marjina. Gul wakes up and Marjina is informed about it. Gul tries to say the truth about Shezade to Marjina but Shezade and Begum comes there. Shezade when Ali asks Gul to say if she saw the monster. Before Gul could say something, Begum injects poison without anyone knowing. Gul dies before confessing the truth. Ali understands that it’s the mother-son duo who killed them. Shezade is angry at Begum for stopping him from leaving as now Marjina would not marry him the next day which is Shaitani raat. Begum says that she has a way that Marjina would marry him on Shaitani Raat.

Precap : Astrologer says that wedding must takes place and a bride must leave the palace. If not, he says that it would be a big curse on Shezade and he could see the bad future of Shezade. Ali gets angry hearing it.

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