Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 9th February 2023 Written Update: Ali is determined to take risk to find Marjina


Ali Baba Dastaan-E-Kabul 9th February 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Simsim applying magic on Kotwal but Simth gets tied up with Ali’s wrist saying he will obey him from now on. Simth says Kotwal found him so he will follow his order only. Simth says only Kotwal will learn the path to reach Talisman. Ali tells Simmi Jaan to go home as she doesnt have anything to do here. Simsim thinks she can’t kill the Kotwal now as she has to find the talisman with his help. She controls her anger and requests Ali to take her along with him to find the gem. Ali agrees to go with her which surprises her. He says first he will inform Hasan about his journey. He thinks he wanted to set this trap for Simsim for long. Now she finally will fall into his trap. Ali recalls how Monk suggested him to trap Simsim in Mishri ki Dunia. This is the only place when she can be held captive. Ali says until he gets the talisman back Simsim will be caged there. Then he will kill Simsim and thieves.

Monk warns Ali that he might not return back safely from the magical world. Ali says he won’t give up until he saves his love Marjina. He is not going to die. Flashback ends and Monk tells Hasan that Ali is adamant and he will bring back Marjina for sure. Ali sees Marjina in dream and wakes up in shock. He says he won’t let anything happen to her. Hasan asks him not to take the risk to go to the Mishri world with Simsim. Ali says he knows after getting the talisman she will kill him but he will keep the sword with him to protect himself. Hasan says but Simsim will learn his real identity then, as she knows only Ali can pick the sword. Ali says he has a plan for that too. He then sees Nafi and Poya doing household work. He gets emotional and wishes to hug his kids before leaving. Poya is about to step on the broken glass but he saves him. He shows concern for Poya and Alifi thinks he can’t hide his emotions for long. Ali leaves telling the kids to take care of themselves. Alifi asks where is Ali going?

Ali tells her not to act like adult by asking so many questions. He says he is going for an important mission and he will be back soon. Ali gives some coins to Nazia and it will help her bear the expenses in his absence. Nazia says Ali would have done the same for them. Ali tells her to look after Hasan in his absence. Ali talks in secret language with Alifi and tries to give her some signals when she questions him why he is leaving all of a sudden. Alifi gets confused thinking what he wants to tell her. Ali leaves after that and later while walking on the dessert Ali asks Simsim why she is not asking for water even after walking for long. Simsim says she can control her thirst. He lies to her that he will leave this Kotwal’s job after getting the Talisman. He will then loot the treasure from the cave. He asks if Simmi Jaan will help him. She thinks he won’t succeed.

Ali then learns about the further path from Simth. They go to a different world and Simsim asks him to describe the coming challenges. Ali does so and tells about weight of hearts which will be compared with a feather’s weight. Simth appears and tells Ali to turn left. He adds he won’t tell them how to face the obstacles as his job is to show them ways only. The ground starts shaking and Ali seeks help from Simth but the latter refuses to help them. Simsim gets shocked.

Precap- one couple comes to orphanage to stay there with a kid. Alifi asks Nazia to let them stay. The couple want to find Ali and then they will kill his family with the kid’s help.

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