Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 9th March 2023 Written Update: Alifi defeats Humaira turning her into goat


The episode starts with Ali using a coin to speak with Bishu. He asks for a way to save Marjina from the Devil. Bishu says that he has his sword with him using which he could kill the Devil. Ali recalls attacking him using it but couldn’t hurt him much. Bishu says that he first needs to lure the Devil to him and then attack him. Marjina’s friend sees Ali doing magic and suspects him. She runs to inform it to Begum while Ali runs after her. When she’s about to go to Begun Ali closes her mouth and hides with her.

Ali reveals his identity to her and says that he’s there to save Marjina, the love of his life. He says that Shezade is the Devil who killed Gul and he needs the night to prove Marjina the same. He says f he fails to do so then Marjina will also become a Devil. She calms down a bit and agrees to give him a night time. She says that if he proves himself then she would definitely inform about him to others. Ali agrees and she reminds him to keep Marjina safe.

Alifi says to her siblings about the herb as she puts it in a glass. She says that she already turned Romana into a goat and will save them too. They get worried for her. Alifi comes to Humaira and asks if she’s searching Romana. She says that she turned her into goat and now it’s time for her. Humaira tries catching Alifi but she runs away. Humaira catches and starts chanting magic slogans when Alifi pours the herbal water in her mouth. Humaira turns into a goat while the others including Romana turn back in their human form. They understand that Alifi saved tm and decides to find her.

Ali is waiting for Marjina and she comes there. She says that she found the care for Gul in his eyes as he tried to save her. She says that she trusts him and they both go to find the Devil. Ali comes to the cave and places Marjina at a high-level board. Ali sets up the trap for the Devil. They hear Devil’s voice and Ali recalls Bishu’s words. He cuts himself to make the Devil smell his blood. As the Devil approaches them, Shehade sees Marjina. The Devil fights with Ali as it remembers that he’s the same person who attacked earlier. Ali reveals himself and continues fighting. The Devil takes Marjina to the top of the building. Ali wonders what he’s doing.

Alifi sees the jungle turn back to its real old form. Her leg gets stuck in roots and a snake approaches her. Her siblings save her and they all rejoice. As the sun rays fall on Shehade he comes back to his real form and Marjina gets shocked seeing Shezade. She understands the blunder she was about to commit.

Precap : Shehade will try to speak with Marjina but she will not be ready to listen to him. Shezade will approach her with knife and Ali will see it.