Anandibaa Aur Emily Upcoming Story: Anandibaa to fix Aarav’s marriage with Pinky!


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Star Plus freshly launched daily soap ‘Anandibaa Aur Emily’ is moving towards the bitter chaos in Aarav and Emily’s life due to Gunjan’s cunning ploys. Previously, Anandibaa stopped Aarav and Emily’s marriage. Whereas, Emily saved Aarav’s life but Pinky took the credit and gets appreciated by Anandibaa.

In the current track, Aarav thanks Emily for saving his life and calls her courageous for removing the snake from him. Whereas, Anandibaa mistook Pinky as Aarav’s savior and gets manipulated by Gunjan. She also decides to get Aarav married to Pinky in order to remove Emily from their life.

Here, Anandibaa announces about Aarav and Pinky’s engagement while the latter gets shocked. He thinks about his moments with Emily and feels attracted towards her, whereas she also gets upset hearing about his engagement.

Aarav was about to make Pinky wear the ring, when Emily mistakenly falls upon him and the ring gets stuck in her finger. Gunjan tries all her pressure to pull out the ring, but gets unsuccessful. But, finally Gulab’s idea worked and the rings gets out of Emily’s finger.

Ahead, Anandibaa gets furious at Emily and ask her to stay away from Aarav. Whereas, the latter shares his problem with priest and Jaman. He proclaims not to marry Pinky, while Anandibaa delays the engagement ceremony in order to purify the ring.

Aarav confronts Emily about her dream to marry in an indian family and assures that it will soon gets fulfilled, while she keeps thinking about his moments with him. Meanwhile, Aarav gets irked by Pinky’s behaviour and tries to get rid of her.

Later, Emily gets into a conversation with Mridula and shares her experience. She tells about her hard time with Anandibaa, while Mridula gives her confidence to face the latter and ask her to focus on finding the perfect partner for herself, whereas she gets flashes of Aarav.

Now in the upcoming episode, The priest will notify Sanghani’s that if Aarav gets married within 3 years then his wife will die soon. Everyone will get shocked, while Gunjan comes up with an idea to get him married to a tree first.

All will agree to Gunjan’s advice and gets Aarav married to a tree. Whereas, he promises the tree to always support and protect it. Meanwhile, Emily falls upon him during his marriage with the tree in an unconscious state and everyone gets dumbstruck seeing it.

Will Aarav confess his love to Emily?

Will Emily reciprocate her love towards Aarav?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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