Anandibaa Aur Emily Upcoming Story: Anandibaa to get fooled by Gunjan!


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Star Plus popular daily soap Anandibaa Aur Emily is all set to serve the audiences with a high voltage drama, along with the ongoing plot. Previously, Anandibaa notified Emily about an important fast and ask her to complete the rituals along with it, in order to grab the oppertunity to live inside the house.

Anandibaa told Emily about the challenge, while the latter accepts it. Gunjan and Pinky created hurdles in Emily’s task in order to defeat her, but she managed to get the keys.

In the current track, Emily insists Anandibaa to let her continue the task, while the latter says that she won’t be able to complete it on time.

Emily requests Anandibaa not to take any decision before the time and continues to find the key. She gets several jewelleries and other lost items of the house members, which were stolen by Gunjan and Pinky.

Here, Gunjan shares her worry with Pinky stating that Emily is spoiling their hardwork of stealing the jewelleries. Meanwhile, Anandibaa gets upset with Gunjan as she continues to do mistakes in intoxicated state.

Emily finally finds the key and Anandibaa explains her about the last ritual. Emily breaks the coconut on Aarav’s leg while he screams in pain. Everyone gets shocked by her action and explains her how to do the ritual properly.

Ahead, Emily gets successful in completing her task but Anandibaa notify them about the extended time limit. She states that they can’t change the rules and declares that Emily fails to complete her task in time. The latter gets shocked along with the Sanghanis.

Gunjan and Emily gets excited and decides to celebrate their victory. Anandibaa ask Emily to leave the house, while Kanchan requests the latter to re-think about her decision. She insists Anandibaa to give a chance to Emily, but the latter denies.

Later, Anandibaa’s confusion regarding the date gets clear and she finds that it isn’t the fasting day. She cancels her decision to send Emily out of the house, while the latter gets happy.

Meanwhile, Gunjan again fools Anandibaa, whereas the latter gets furious at Emily for entering the kitchen but she denies the allegations. Gunjan ask her to give proof and takes her towards the kitchen.

Now in the upcoming episode, Sanghanis will wait for Emily to give her proof, while the latter holds the rope and swings inside the kitchen to take the pickle. Whereas, Gunjan will get a call and makes a plan to throw Emily out of the house. She will smirk and shares her ploy with Pinky, while the latter rushes towards Anandibaa and acts to get worried.

She will tell that everything will get over as Jaybala is coming. She will apprise about the arrival of Jaybala, whereas Anandiba along with her family will get shocked.

Will Emily be able to impress Anandibaa?

Will Gunjan gets successful in her ploy?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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