Anandibaa Aur Emily Upcoming Story: Gopi Baba to get arrested!


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Star Plus popular serial Anandibaa Aur Emily is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story. Previously, Emily learned about Gopi Baba being a fraud and decided to bring his truth out in front of Anandibaa.

She notified Aarav and Jaman about it, while they helped Emily to expose the latter. Anandibaa denied to believe them and showed her blind trust on Gopi Baba, while Aarav challenged the latter and he unwilling accepted it.

In the current track, Anandibaa takes Gunjan’s help to hide the idol for the challenge, while the latter visited Gopi Baba and joins hands with him. She tells him about the location of the idol and also notified about her plan to throw Emily out of the house.

Here, Pinky and Gunjan also recorded the confession of Gopi Baba, where he accepted about his fraud and threatens him that if he tries to expose her in front of her family, then they won’t spare him. He gets scared of them and assures not to drag Gunjan even if he gets caught.

Emily and Aarav gets ready to start their challenge and the latter ask Emily to be calm towards Anandibaa as she have blind trust into Gopi Baba. Emily assures him, while Gopi Baba arrives there and starts his drama.

Ahead, Gopi Baba goes towards the location and states that idol is inside the yellow pot. Anandibaa agrees to it and hails for him, but Aarav and Emily ask them to find the pot, which was missing. Anandibaa ask Baba to question Lord Krishna about it, while he gets into trouble.

Gopi Baba tries to escape from there but Aarav catches him and beats along with Gulab. He confesses about himself being a fraud while Anandibaa gets shocked. They makes him arrested and Emily clearifies Anandibaa’s misunderstanding towards her.

Later, Gunjan worries about getting exposed but somehow gets saved. She mingles with Emily and acts sweet towards her. Whereas, Aarav assures Anandibaa that he will get all their money and gold back from Gopi Baba.

Now in the upcoming episode, Anandibaa will ask Aarav to take her locket to Jaweri Jagat Ram and proclaims that he will fix the diamond in her locket. At that time a dog will come there and eats the locket, while Gunjan will notify everyone about it. Anandibaa will get shocked and screams being devastated.

Will Aarav and Emily be able to expose Gopi Baba?

Will Gunjan help Gopi Baba?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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