Anandibaa Aur Emily Upcoming Story: Gunjan to convince Anandibaa to help Emily!


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Star Plus recently launched comedy drama “Anandibaa Aur Emily” is grabbing the attention of the audiences. Viewers are loving the storyline, whereas the twists in the tale is keeping them hooked to their television screens. Previously, Gunjan made a cunning ploy to brainwash Anandibaa against Emily. Whereas, the latter prayed to find her true love and revealed about her real intention to visit India.

In the current track, Emily ask God for a signal to recognise her soulmate and gets elated upon seeing Aarav in front of herself. She gets mesmerized by him, while he apologises to her for the past incident. He becomes successful in getting her forgiveness, whereas Gunjan intentionally brings Anandibaa into the temple after eavesdropping Aarav and Jaman’s conversation.

Gunjan tries to find Aarav and Emily but gets failed to spot them. Whereas, the people of Gondal comes to meet Emily and clicks pictures with her. Aarav explains the situation to Emily as she looks at them being confused.

Here, Emily gets scared seeing a mother and daughter-in-law holding Dandiya sticks and she presumes that they are going to fight. She stops them and requests not to do it, while Aarav comes there and tells her about the Dandiya performance.

Aarav assures Emily and takes her away, while Gunjan sees them and makes up a situation for Anandibaa to spot them. Whereas, the latter gets furious and returns back tk their house. Meanwhile, Emily and Aarav also comes there wearing garlands.

Ahead, Anandibaa along with the whole family gets shocked seeing Emily and Aarav. They misunderstood that they got hitched and Anandibaa gets fainted. They tries to wake her up and Aarav reveals that they aren’t married.

Anandibaa scolds Aarav and Emily. She rebukes the latter and also denies to help her in completing the work. She goes inside her room, while Aarav consoles Emily. Gunjan comes forward and takes the file from them. She proclaims to convince Anandibaa.

Later, Gunjan manipulates Anandibaa and tells that Emily will leave India as soon as her work gets complete and insists the latter to help her in completing it fast. Whereas, Emily shares about her motive with Aarav to find true love, while he notify her about his childhood dream to visit America.

Now in the upcoming episode, Anandibaa will go inside the court office along with Gunjan and shouts at Aarav not to sign the papers. Whereas, he will reply that he have already done it. Anandibaa will get a massive shock, while Gunjan will question Emily that if she has also signed the papers? To which she will reply positively.

Gunjan will start crying and says that destiny has done its work. Whereas, Anandibaa will get shocked and keeps staring at Emily and Aarav simultaneously.

Will Aarav use Emily to go to America?

Will Emily find her soulmate in India?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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