Anandibaa Aur Emily Upcoming Story: Gunjan to make an evil ploy!


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Star Plus newly launched show ‘Anandibaa aur Emily’ is enthralling the audiences with its peculiar plot. Meanwhile, the storyline is gearing up for some intense yet funny drama in Aarav and Anandibaa’s life after the entry of Emily. Previously, Aarav determined to impress Emily in order to fulfill his childhood dream to visit America, whereas Gunjan tried to convince Anandibaa for Pinky and Aarav’s wedding.

In the current track, Aarav hides Emily inside his house but she runs out of the room being scared of the rat. She was about to slip when Aarav saves her and she falls into his arms. Everyone gets shocked seeing them, while Anandibaa recalls her nightmare and becomes scared. She shouts at Aarav, while he suddenly leaves Emily.

Here, Aagya and Gunjan scolds Aarav for disobeying Anandibaa by hiding Emily inside their house without her permission. Aarav tries to save himself and lies to his mother. He tells that Emily is alone and doesn’t know anyone there. He states that he was just helping her.

Anandibaa gets furious at Aarav and Emily. She talks ill about the latter and scolds her for entering her house. She ask Emily to leave the house and proclaims that she can’t tolerate her anymore. Aarav sends her away with Jaman, while Emily gets angry at Aarav.

Ahead, Gunjan advices her sister Pinky to impress Anandibaa but the latter fails. Anandibaa tells that Pinky is learning from Gunjan but is slow at it. Meanwhile, the gets frustrated with the weird ideas of Parimal given to Gulab.

Aarav decides to apologise to Emily and talks with ber in a video call. She expresses her anger and denies to talk to him. She also accuses him for all the misunderstanding, while Gunjan and Pinky hears their conversation and the latter makes n evil ploy.

Later, Emily tells her reason to visit India and shows her love towards the country. She insists the God to give her a sign to find her true love. She takes a round, while Aarav also comes there at that time. Emily opens her eyes and gets suprised to see him, while they both gets into an eyelock.

Now in the upcoming episode, Anandibaa will shout at Aarav and prohibits him from signing the marriage documents, whereas he will reply that he has already done it.

Gunjan will question Emily that if she has also signed the papers? To which the latter replies positively. Anandibaa and Gunjan will get shocked, while the latter will cry and tells that the destiny have done its work.

Will Aarav use Emily to visit America?

Will Emily find her true love?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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