Anandibaa Aur Emily Upcoming Story: Gunjan to notify Jaibala about Aarav’s marriage!


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The gripping storyline of Star Plus popular daily soap Anandibaa Aur Emily, filled with twist and plots; makes it engaging to the audiences. Previously, Emily couldn’t able to completed her task on time and Anandibaa took the advantage of it, to throw her out of the house. But, Gulab’s revelation spoils Gunjan and Anandibaa’s desire and the latter unwillingly gave a second chance to Emily.

In the current track, Gunjan accuses Emily for entering the kitchen even after getting prohibited by Anandibaa. Emily denies all the allegations, but Gunjan show the pickles and says that she has taken it from the kitchen. Anandibaa gets furious at Emily and threatens to throw her out of the house.

Here, Emily stays firm on her statement and assures that she didn’t touched the floor of the kitchen. Gunjan demands her to prove her statement, while she agrees and ask for a rope.

Emily enters the kitchen to get the pickle with the help of the rope without touching the floor, while everyone gets shocked by her move. Anandibaa permits Emily to stay in the house, while Gunjan and Pinky gets frustrated.

Ahead, Emily tries to learn ways to impress Anandibaa. She takes help from the internet, while Gunjan keeps an eye on her. Emily goes to take vegetable from the vendor and starts bargaining to become a perfect daughter-in-law.

Everyone makes fun of Emily while Aarav comes for her rescue and takes a stand for her. She also gives a stern reply to the ladies. Whereas, Gunjan remembers Jaibala and ploys to call her in order to take her help.

Later, Gunjan remembers how Anandibaa stopped Jaibala’s daughter’s marriage with a foreigner and calls her via Anandibaa’s phone. She intentionally notify her about Aarav’s marriage while the latter gets surprised and determine to visit their house.

Now in the upcoming episode, Gunjan will fake her drama in front of Sanghanis and tells Anandibaa that Jaibala is coming. The latter will get shocked, while Gunjan states that everything will get ruined.

Anandibaa will remember the flashback when she asked Jaibala to choose in between the society or her daughter, where the latter has broken her daughter’s marriage. Anandibaa will get tensed thinking that she will have to break Emily and Aarav’s marriage in order to save her authority. Whereas, Aarav will get dumbstruck hearing it.

Will Aarav be able to save his wedding with Emily?

Will Jaibala brings problems for Anandibaa?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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