Anandibaa Aur Emily Upcoming Story: Pinky to steal Anandibaa’s jewellery!


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Star Plus popular daily soap Anandibaa Aur Emily is moving towards the bitter chaos in Emily’s life. Previously, Gunjan tried several ways to manipulate Anandibaa against Emily.

She determines to throw the latter out of the house, in order to get Pinky married to Aarav. Whereas, both the sisters steals Anandibaa’s ring and decides to teach a lesson to Emily.

In the current track, Pinky and Gunjan celebrates their victory of making Emily touch the cow dung. But, the latter gets an idea and goes away from there.

Anandibaa confronts both the sisters, while they tries to act innocent in front of her and proclaims that Emily ran away without fulfilling her duties as a daughter-in-law.

Here, Gunjan praises Pinky and says that instead of Emily, the latter is doing all the works. At that time Emily comes there with a detector and proclaims to find the ring. She moves the detector in front of the dung but it doesn’t produces any sound.

The detector starts beeping when kept in front of Pinky, while both the sisters gets scared. Anandibaa confronts the latter and ask to show her hands, but she looks at Gunjan and insists to save her.

Ahead, Gunjan makes a plan and acts to get dizzy. She falls upon Pinky and takes the ring from her and then falls down and puts the ring inside the cow dung. She immediately puts her hand inside it and takes out the ring. Whereas, Anandibaa praises the latter for finding it.

Emily shares her worry with Aarav while he plans to get Visa to visit America. He ask Emily about America and tries to convince her to go back there, but she denies and says that she will never separate him from his family.

Later, Gunjan scares Anandibaa and manipulates against Emily. Whereas, the latter remembers about the fast and tells about the procedure to Emily. The latter agrees to keep the fast, while Gunjan reminds Anandibaa about the warning she has given her during her fast. The latter proclaims to be fair with both of her daughter-in-laws.

Now in the upcoming episode, Aarav will come towards Emily and calls her name. She will turn towards him, while he gets shocked and starts shouting. At that time all the family members will come there and questions him about the matter, to which he shows towards Emily.

They all will see her and gets scared, they also starts screaming. Meanwhile, Anandibaa will come there hearing their voices and confronts them. She will also see Emily and shouts being scared, while the latter will reveal her face to be covered with red colour.

Will Emily be able to impress Anandibaa?

Will Gunjan and Pinky gets exposed?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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