Anandibaa Aur Emily Upcoming Story: Will Jaman be able to burn the recipe?


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Anandibaa Aur Emily is presently ruling our television screens. The show is doing extremely well. These days, the storyline of the show is focusing on the sweet dish competition.

Previously, Gunjan faked her concern towards Emily and gave her a wrong recipe, in order to fail her in the competition. She determined to throw Emily out of the house, while Aarav and Jaman also tried to make Emily loose the challenge.

In the current track, Jaman tries to help Aarav in fulfilling his dream to visit America. He attempts to steal the recipe from Emily and gets successful, but the latter gets shocked upon not finding the recipe and starts searching for it. Jaman and Aarav gets scared and tries to divert her mind, but she somehow manages to get the recipe back.

Here, Gunjan gets scared about getting exposed in front of Anandibaa. She begs the latter to forgive her, while Anandibaa gets confused and talks to her about some other issue. She insists Gunjan to take the things for herself also and calls herself lucky to have a daughter-in-law like Gunjan.

Anandibaa also shares her worry with Gunjan and ask her help. She shows her tension about Emily winning the competition, while Gunjan assures her that no one can cook better then Anandibaa. She ask her to relax and proclaims that Emily will loose the challenge.

Ahead, Pinky tells Gunjan about Emily getting the recipe back, while Gulab tries to fulfill Parimal’s task and tries to burn things inside the house, so that Anandibaa will slap him. She gets shocked seeing his actions and scolds him.

Jaman gets an idea to burn the recipe and gets inside Emily’s room to complete their plan. He fires the paper secretly while Emily gets shocked seeing it and ask Aarav for help. She cries as the paper turns into ashes and packs her bag to leave. Aarav feels bad for Emily and decides to help her.

Later, Aarav motivates Emily, while Jaman reminds him about his plan and dream to visit America. The latter gets melted seeing Emily’s tears and cooks the halwa with her. Meanwhile, Gunjan and Pinky keeps an eye on Emily and gets worried about the challenge. Aarav and Emily enjoys cooking and gets close to one another.

Now in the upcoming story, Anandibaa will remind Emily about the rules of their challenge and ask her to leave the house. Whereas, Gunjan will smirk and declares that only God can help Emily to enter their house again. The latter will get shattered and runs away from there.

She will meet the priest while he ask her to do a difficult task in order to impress God. The latter will stand with one leg in front of the God’s idol and prays to him with full concentration. At that time the God will himself come in front of her, while she will get elated.

Will Emily be able to win the competition?

Will Gunjan ruin Emily’s sweet dish?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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