Sanjivani 17th February : NV arranges surprise for Ishaani on Sid’s insistence

sanjivani upcoming story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist
sanjivani upcoming story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist

Sanjivani 17th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with Ishaani stating NV no matter what happens she will definitely get all her replies from Sid another day while NV stands stressed. Afterwards NV is looking at his wedding picture with Ishaani when Bebe comes there with meals for him. He instantly hides it while Bebe asks why’s he spoiling his own life by bringing Sid and Ishaani together. She states that she should have brought him up with little understanding from youth. She feeds him with her hands as ge was hungry the entire day.

NV says he has promised Ishaani to always be by her side and keep her away from all of the pains of her life. He states that the guarantee can not be fulfilled unless and until Ishaani gets her replies. Bebe asks what about him and why is he not confessing his love for Ishaani. NV claims that Ishaani doesn’t wish to be with him as she does not value the union.

Bebe asks if Ishaani does not value the union then why would she care for everybody and love her so much. She states that Ishaani does appreciate the union. NV recalls the time when Bebe was declared in the hospital but none of the doctors were available for support. He states that only Dr. Shashank arrived at the time to rescue her and Sid is Dr. Shashank’s son. This way he wishes to cure both Sid in addition to Ishaani but Bebe is still not convinced. They look up to discover Ishaani standing there who says that no matter what happens she will definitely get her answers the following day and leaves. NV calls her adamant.

Rahil and Rishab are talking about Sid’s condition and expects that Ishaani does not ask him anything because it could put his life at risk. Ishaani comes to hospital and goes within the ward only to get stunned to find it all decorated with balloons and images of Sanjivani individuals three decades back.

NV, Bebe, Rahil and Rishab and everybody were also present while Sid seems st her grinning. He opens his arms for her to hug him while Ishaani stands . A reluctant NV brings her to him and puts her hands on him. Bebe looks at it disgusted while Ishaani immediately drew back her hands. Sid carries out a flower crown and NV assists him in putting ft on Ishaani s mind.

NV says Sid that he’d made arrangements according to his desire and states Ishaani that Sid wanted to surprise her. Sid thanks NV for his help while Ishaani immediately removes the crown. She states that she needs to say something while Sid asks her to move. She says she wants her replies while NV seems shocked.