Anupama 1st July 2022 Written Update: Shah’s miss Vanraj and Kavya at Kinjal’s baby shower


Anupama 1st July 2022 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Anupama says baby should get love from Rakhi as well. She asks Rakhi to start the ritual. Rakhi whispers in Kinjal’s ear and says she wants baby should resemble her. Leela asks Rakhi why she is asking baby to be like her. Both argue with each other. Anupama asks Leela and Rakhi to fight more loudly so that baby should know how his/her grandmother and great grandmother fights. She sits on swing and asks Leela and Rakhi not to stop as baby shower can take place later.

Rakhi and Leela realize their mistake. They both apologize to each other. Anupama asks Shah’s and Kapadia’s resume the function. She asks Barkha to perform baby shower. Barkha and Ankush wishes Kinjal and asks to deliver healthy baby.

Barkha give gift to Kinjal. Paritosh says it is heavy. Barkha says because Kapdai’s are not like others to just gift fruits or flowers. Sara, Dolly Adhik, Pakhi performs the ritual. Pakhi gets emotional. Samar asks Pakhi what happened. Adhik says it is groovy to learn that Pakhi is emotional as well.

Anupama asks Samar to come forward to perform a very important ritual. Pakhi asks why Samar will perform a special ritual. Anupama explains because Samar is younger boy of the family. She praises Samar and explains the importance of brother in law.

Anupama says Kinjal and Samar got best brother-in law and sister-in law. Paritosh thanks Samar for taking stand for Kinjal in his absence. He recalls backing off from his responsibility learning about Kinjal’s pregnancy and says it was Samar who understood Kinjal. Kinjal thanks Samar for filling the gap of brother in her life.

Samar got emotional. Anupama praises Samar and Kinjal’s bond. Paritosh asks Anupama to praise him as well sometimes.
Afterwards, Hasmuk asks Anupama and Anuj to perform the ritual. Anuj asks Pakhi to make a video call to Vanraj and Kavya so that they can see the baby shower. Pakhi fails to reach Vanraj. Jignesh demand Anuj and Anupama to tell how Vanraj and Kavya would have responded the function. Anuj and Anupama imitate Vanraj and Kavya.

Leela gets impressed and thanked both for thinking about Vanraj and Kavya as well. Anuj and Anupama complete the ritual. Anupama explain the importance of mother in baby’s life. She says a mother carries a child not only for 9 months but whole life. Anupama thanks baby for giving Kinjal an opportunity to become a mother. Rakhi and other get emotional.

Rakhi goes to Barkha and says she wants to share a talk with each other. Anupama goes to bring pillow for Kinjal. Anuj follows Anupama. He tries to get romantic with Anupama. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Anupama along with Shah’s dance together. Rakhi manipulate Barkha against Anupama. Anupama overhears the talk.

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