Anupama 25th May 2022 Written Update: Kavya’s shocking demand

Anupamaa Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Anupamaa Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Anupama 25th May 2022 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Anuj praises food. He says 95% bride and groom don’t know the taste of their own wedding food but they are eating twice. Anupama says they can’t waste food. Anuj looks for GK. Anupama says GK slept early as he was tired. She further gives him her saree to wipe his face. Anuj says to Anupama that if she will keep spoiling him similarly than her saree will get dirty every day. Anupama says this isn’t messing her saree. Anuj tries to get close to Anupama. Anupama feels sleepy. Anuj helps Anupama in the kitchen.

Anuj helps Anupama to take off her jewellery. Anupama blushes, song phela phela pyaar hai plays in the background. Anuj carries Anupama to the bed. Hasmuk prays to God. Pakhi asks Samar to serve tea to Hasmuk. Samar says to Pakhi that she only know to order her elder brother. Leela and Vanraj returns. Pakhi asks Samar to get tea for Leela and Vanraj as well. She asks about great grandmother. Leela informs she is well. Vanraj says Jignesh is with her. Partiosh and Kinjal come. Vanraj takes care of Kinjal and says to her that in Anupama’s absence she needs not to worry. Kinjal gets smitten. Leela finds Kavya messaging someone on mobile. She doubts her intention.

Anupama gets ready. Anuj’s sleep gets disturb by sun and Anupama shadow him. He gets mesmerized seeing Anupama. Leela find Kavya speaking to Anirudh. She bashes Leela for still keeping in touch with Anirudh. Shah’s gathered and asks Leela that matter. Leela informs Hasmuk and others that Kavya is speaking to her ex-husband hiding from everyone. Kavya says to Leela that she is sorry for speaking to Anirudh. But now Anupama’s wedding is over and now she will meet and call Anirudh home too. Vanraj shouts at Kavya. Kavya shouts at Vanraj back. Vanraj complaint to Kavya that not a single day he lived at peace with her. Kavya gets angry at Vanraj and asks if he realises now how it felt when you meet with your ex. Vanraj asks Kavya whats her problem? Kavya demands a divorce from Vanraj.

Elsewhere, Anupama prays for everyone’s happiness. She do aarti. GK and Anuj joins Anupama in the prayer. Anuj and Anupama feed each other Prasad. Anuj thanks God for sending Anupama in his life.

Kavya says to Vanraj that he has thrown divorce paper on her face but she being classy giving it on his hand. She adds she has already signed the papers and demands Vanraj to sign and free her. Leela asks Kavya to leave the house. Kavya says until divorce will happen she will be in the house. She says Anirudh will visit her and none can stop. Leela says she can’t tolerate insult of Vanraj. Anupama asks God to keep blessing on her. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Vanraj asks Shah’s to move on from Anupama. Anuj plans to go on a honeymoon with Anupama

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