Anupama 27th November 2021 Written Update: Anupama feels guilty for Anuj.


Anupama 27th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kavya saying Vanraj that she was trying to speak with him for long but he’s not speaking with her. Vanraj paid no heed. Kavya says that yesterday Baa sent her out while speaking with everyone still she didn’t mind only for him. Vanraj gets a call and he starts concentrating on it without giving attention to Kavya. Anuj says Anupama that it’s good that her differences with Baa is getting resolved slowly. He says that they are there to celebrate the same by drinking paan milkshake. Anuj says that they need to celebrate the small things in life to keep life interesting. He says that he only likes home food and so he’s here only for paan milkshake. He asks her to order.

Anupama asks him to order for herself too as she never did before. Anuj asks her ti do it now and forwards the menu to her. He asks her to order without looking at the prices. He says that in our restaurant they would give the menu card first to ladies so that they would order what they want instead of having what their husband or children like. He says they can even give a special complimentary dish for ladies.

Anupama praises his idea. Anupama orders cheeku milkshake. Anuj says he’s so happy today as he had tasty chocolate in the morning and his most favourite paan milkshake now. Anupama says she will learn to make it. Anuj feels grateful. Anupama gets Paakhi’s call and she picks it.

Paakhi asks Anupama to come to PTA meeting as Vanraj is not picking up the call. Anuj cancels their order. Anupama asks him to have but he says it’s fine as he can have later and leaves with her. Anupama wonders why would Anuj suffer so much for her. They both gets in the car. Devika is waiting for Anupama when they both come in car. Devika scares them and they all tease each other.

Anuj takes his leave saying he has to go soon for a meeting which he post poned and leaves for it. Anupama gets into thinking. Devika finds Anupama lost in her thoughts while cooking. She teases her and asks what’s the issue. She asks if it’s because of Anuj. She teases Anupama but Anupama says that she feels bad that Anuj is always standing by her side and supporting her whenever she’s in need keeping u away his responsibilities while one The other hand, she’s guilty she feels like she’s taking advantage of his goodness.

Devika asks her not to think so as friends are there to share their problems with each other. Anupama says that she neher did anything for her but he does everything because of his feelings for her. Devika says it’s not that Anuj does all that only for her. She says that Anuj might himself get involved in his family because he doesn’t have one. She asks her not to over think it.

Kinjal comes home while while Toshu asks if she’s looking down on him just because he don’t have a job. Kinjal says that problem is not jobless but him not taking any effort to find a job. She says that Kavya and Vanraj are still searching for a job despite losing multiple times while he is watching movies relaxing. Toshu asks if she doesn’t want to stay with him anymore as he came there for her. Kinjal says she would’ve been happy if she came there leaving the penthouse himself and not getting thrown away. She says that it’s true that she don’t like to stay with him aa she had peace when he was away from her. Toshu makes a decision.

Devika says Anupama that it’s a friend’s right to involve in their friend’s life just like she does everytime with her family even when she don’t like it. She asks her to not hide about her feelings for Anuj but Anupama makes it clear that she don’t want to undergo the same pain again by loving someone. Baa called Anupama for temple but Kavya asks her to not call Anupama home without her permission as its her home and leaves. Bapuji consoles her and they both share about hue alienated they feel in their own home. It’s their 50th anniversary that’s coming soon but they can’t expect much about it. Anupama hears it.

Precap :Anupama says Vanraj and family that they can celebrate Baa and Bapuj’s 50th marriage anniversary by getting them married.

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