Anupama 29th November 2021 Written Update: Kavya provokes Toshu against Kinjal.


Anupama 29th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vanraj ignoring Kavya despite her constant calls. She irritates him and Vanraj shouts at her to not involve or except from him. Anupama is with kids and wants to leave while Pakhi and Samar forces her to stop and stay for the day. Toshu also asks her to stay on Kinjal’s saying. Anupama calls Anuj and informs him about work. Anuj understands that she’s with Baa and kids. Anuj praises her for holding a dramatic family together despite people like Vanraj and Kavya present there. He praises her and asks if she wants he can arrange appointment with a doctor but Anupama asks him to not be so good with her. Anuj teases her and asks her to enjoy and cute the call. Vanraj come a there and Anupama says she has something to share. She is says about Baa and Bapuji’s 50th marriage anniversary. Anupama suggests to get them married again. Everyone likes the idea and separate the work among themselves. Toshu taunts Kinjal in mind when she says about working with u differently chores. Vanraj and Anupama tease Samar and they all have a hearty laugh . Kavya fumes with Vanraj’s contrasting behaviour with her and Anupama. She finds Toshu leaving upset. Anupama says that there’s cat and everyone teases her recalling the past. Anupama asks them to stop and wants to bring back the smile On their face. They asks what happened and Vanraj says about their plans to get them married. They deny shying and everyone convinces them. Baa and Bapuji feels glad seeing them thinking so much for them. Anupama says she wants to keep them happy.

Toshu is exercising and Kinjal comes there. She reprimands him for leaving when everyone are present but Toshu taunts her. Kinjal leaves mocking him. Kavya come there and tries instigating Toshu against Kinjal. She advises him to take wise decision. She says that without job no know will respect him and asks him to move on in his life from the relation instead of forcefully being together. She gives example of Vanraj and Anupama and how they are happy in their individual lives. She provokes him to leave Kinjal. On the other hand Baa and Bapuji are watching their marriage pictures and feels blessed to have such kids. Bapuji flirts with Baa when Anupama comes there and teases them. Anupama says she’s leaving and asks for their marriage dresses so that she can alter it for their wedding which has lots of memories. Baa gives it to her and Anupama leaves with the clothes. She recalls her marriage with Vanraj when she hears Kavya shouting at Vanraj for not involving her in the marriage plans. She once again fights with him when Vanraj says that he would plan the marriage in some other venue if she wants. He threatens to even leave the house with the family shocking Kavya.

Precap :Anupama will ask Kavya to stop claiming it to be her house only with papers and asks her to claim right by hearts too. Kavya taunts her for getting the habit of poetic from Anuj. Vanraj sees it.

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