Anupama 30th July 2022 Written Update: Anuj takes a stand


Anupama 30th July 2022 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Anupama stand stunned hearing Leela. Leela says to Anupama that everyone don’t get everything. She asks Anupama to not come back at Shah House. Leela says Anupama bring fight in the house. Anupama asks Leela if she will not come to Shah house than everything will be fine. She add house and children belongs to her thus she will keep coming to the house. Vanraj says to Anupama that Pakhi and Partiosh don’t like her thus she can avoid coming to the house.

Kavya says that Pakhi and Paritosh will run to Anupama once they will fall into problem. Kinjal support Kavya. She side Anupama. Kinjal says to Paritosh that he don’t deserve Anupama. Anupama says every house has a problem. She breaks down hearing Pakhi and Paritosh. Anupama says she can’t believe she has given up bringing to Pakhi and Paritosh. She breaks down and says whatever happens only a mother is accused. Kinjal and Kavya try to console Anupama.

Anupama says from past 26 years she is being accused for everything but she will not take any blame. She shouts from marrying Anuj to fostering Anu, she isn’t guilty rather she is proud of her decision. Anu talks with Hasmuk. She asks Hasmuk if he isn’t taking her home because all might be fighting. Anu says Anupama think she will get scared. She tells to Hasmuk fight happens at orphanage too but they end it up soon. Hasmuk think thus children are innocent. Anu asks Hasmuk why everyone is fight. Hasmuk worry what might be happening at Shah house with Anupama.

Anupama says she has an equal right on the house. Vanraj says to Anupama that none want to see her face thus there is no use to come to the house. He add Anupama don’t bother about Kinjal anymore. Anupama says she was here to see Kinjal. Kinjal support Anupama. She corrects Vanraj and says he would have bashed Pakhi instead of Anupama. Anupama refuse to leave the house.

Vanraj asks Anupama to leave else he will throw her out. Anuj asks Vanraj dare he touch Anupama. Anupama breaks down. Anuj says since Anupama is helpless today thus he will speak on her behalf. Anuj bashes Pakhi and Paritosh for disrespecting Anupama. Pakhi asks Anuj not to interrupt between her and Anupama. Anuj says she is avenging Anupama because she didn’t stop her last day. He bans Pakhi’s entry at Kapadia House. Anuj says if she will make an excuse of Adhik and will visit than he will throw Adhik out from the house too. Vanraj gets furious. He argues with Anuj. Vanraj asks Anuj to take Anupama and Anu with him and do not show his face. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Vanraj and Anuj fights. Anupama announces she will not come to Shah house ever.

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