Anupama 5th May 2021 Written Update: Samar requests Nandini to hide her past from his family


Anupama 5th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Advait performing laughter yoga along with Anupamaa and her family. Leela questions him about it, while he explains that it’s good for health. Anupamaa insists everyone to have ayurvedic drink, whereas Vanraj ask Nandini and Samar to help her. They agrees and goes to bring the drink. Nandini gets perplexed seeing a note about her and Samar’s engagement. Vanraj smiles and enlightens them about fixing their engagement and performing it in the resort itself. Samar denies to do it stating that the time isn’t right. Vanraj makes him understand that he also agreed only for Anupamaa’s happiness. He assures Samar that his engagement will make Anupamaa contented. Anupamaa emotionally talks to Samar asking him to agree, while he tells her to stay positive regarding her health and agrees for the engagement.

Leela shows her anger stating that they haven’t asked her opinion before fixing the date. She says that this alliance can complicate Vanraj and Kavya’s relationship. Vanraj says that he don’t have any issues with the alliance and tries to make Leela understand. Anupamaa also tries to convince Leela, whereas atleast she agrees.

Samar and Nandini takes blessings from Vanraj, while he blesses them wholeheartedly. Further, Anupamaa also holds their hands and blesses them. Paakhi takes selfie and they all enjoys their family moment.

Nandini goes away from there, while Paakhi teases Samar. Ahead, Samar goes towards Nandini and back hugs her. He shows his excitement for the engagement while she looks disturbed. She shares her worry about hiding her past from the family. She ask him to notify their family about her past but Samar prohibits her. He reminds her about Anupamaa’s health and requests her to hide it.

Here, Vanraj asks Anupamaa about the preparations regarding the function. She tells that everything is ready. They both excitedly discusses about decorating the venue. Further, Vanraj reminds Anupamaa about their past incidents. They happily reminisce their moments but suddenly Anupamaa relaises the situation and gets silent. Vanraj ask her to have tea in her style and both enjoys their quality time.

Kavya keeps an eye on Vanraj and Anupamaa. Whereas, Anupamaa advices Vanraj to talk to Kavya regarding the engagement matter. He agrees to her making her happy.

Anupamaa makes sweets along with Leela and Paakhi. She asks about her reports from Advait, while he states that soon they will get it from the gynaecologist and then will proceed with her treatment. He takes the sweet and motivates her to be independent. He advices Paakhi to keep a theme for Samar’s engagement.

Nandini comes to meet Kavya and apprises her about the engagement function. Kavya with teary eyes apologises to Nandini. She says that she is happy for her but the situation is making it difficult for her. She cries and shares her pain with Nandini. Later, she gives her lehenga to Nandini stating that she can wear it for her engagement. Nandini feels bad for Kavya and hugs her. She tries to comfort her. Kavya asks that if anything happens to her then will Vanraj leave Anupamaa? To which Nandini stays silent.

Ahead, Kavya prays for Nandini and Samar’s relationship. Meanwhile, Samar discuss with Vanraj about keeping Anupamaa away from stress. Both father and son determines to keep Anupamaa happy. At that time Vanraj gets a call from his lawyer. He informs Vanraj about the divorce date. Vanraj gets tensed and ask him to postpone it. He further says that he doesn’t want to take divorce from Anupamaa, while Kavya hears it and gets freezed to her place. Vanraj gets shocked seeing her while she glares him.

Precap:- Vanraj sings song along with Advait. Anupamaa gets to know about the divorce and confronts Vanraj. She decides to inform their family about the divorce after the Puja.

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