Anupama Upcoming Story: Anuj and Shruti’s Relationship to End in India before Marriage, Aadya Blames Anupama

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Star Plus’s popular show Anupama is gearing up for high voltage drama and the show is going to witness, many interesting twists and turns.

Adhik tells Pakhi to stop and asks her to stop hurting others to which she asks him, why he is here and who called him there to which he denies to say.

Adhik tells her that he is here for his Daughter Ishaani and wants to take her with him because she is not safe with her to which Pakhi denies.

Adhik tells Pakhi that she is not worthy to be a Mother of Ishaani and will Hurt her anyway, hence she wants to take Ishaani and look after her.

Pakhi Accuses Anupama

Pakhi asks Vanraj to call the Police on him to which he lashes out at her for calling in the Trouble. Pakhi accuses Hasmuk for it which Vanraj supports him.

Anupama Praises Vanraj for being right this Time to which he gets Emotional. While Mahi holds his hand making him feel Happy and Relieved.

Pakhi accuses Anupama for calling Adhik and telling him the Truth to which Adhik gets Furious and tells her that he came to know because of the Doctor’s Friend.

Shruti sees Anupama and Anuj together and gets Furious. However their Relationship is going to End before their Marriage but Aadya denies to accept Anupama.

What will happen Next?

What will Anuj do?

Stay Tuned to for the Latest Updates..

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