Anupama Upcoming Story:Nandini to question Vanraj:


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High voltage drama ahead in Anupama. Show was witnessed domestic violence track. Now it will showcase how Vanraj yet again will turn grey to benefit Malvika’s traumatized situation. Anupama will alert Vanraj. In the meantime, Nandini will accuse Vanraj for hurting Kavya despite being wrong equally. Vanraj will argue with Nandini. How Anupama will handle the situation will be interesting to watch.
In today’s episode it is seen, Nandini says if everyone is excused than why not Kavya. Samar says because Kavya is wrong. Nandini says Vanraj is equally wrong but Kavya is always accused.

She adds Anupama only support Anuj and his family. Samar says because Anuj and Malvika is far better them Kavya. Duo argues with each other. Samar asks Nandini to rethink before getting hitched with him. He claim Kavya has mind washed Mavika. Nandini and Samar separate their ways.

Here, Anupama decide to leave Anuj’s place. Malvika, Anuj and GK convince her to stay back. Anupama changes her decision and stays back. Anuj thanks Anupama for handling Malvika. He feels bad that Anupama too was a domestic violence victim. Anupama reveal to Anuj about her conversation with Vanraj. She recall about confronting Vanraj for doing domestic violence. Vanraj claim he never raised hand on her.

Anupama says domestic violence is not about beating someone rather it is also about hitting someones heart hard. She adds he has always disrespected her. Anupama says she has moved on in her life but didn’t forgot what he has done with her. Vanraj says to Anupama that he has already apologized to her. Anupama asks if one sorry can fix everything. Vanraj asks Anupama than what she want in return. Anupama asks Vanraj to change himself.

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