Anupamaa 1st March 2022 Written Update: Kinjal is pregnant!

Anupamaa 1st March 2022 Written Update on

In today’s episode; Kinjal says to Anupama that she learned about her pregnancy on Valentine’s Day itself and wanted to tell her since then. She says she was waiting for the right time and thought to give her surprise on her birthday. Kinjal adds she messed her own surprise. Anupama says to Kinjal that it is the best surprise. Anuj sees the ring he brought for Anupama.

Anupama gets excited to become grandmother. She says a mother also go through a promotion. Kinjal gets happy to become mother. Anupama gets excited for Kinjal and Partiosh becoming parents. She gets emotional. Anupama plans to welcome baby. She says she will learn new stories to tell to her grandmother. Kinjal asks Anupama to only tell her success story. Anupama gets stunned. Kinjal share with Anupama that she is scared to be a mother. She says she fear if she will become good mother like her or not.

Anupama says to Kinjal that she will become better mother than her. Kinjal asks Anupama to be with her on her new journey. Anupama assure Kinjal. There, Leela asks Shahs to have snacks. Anuj wait for Anupamas reply. Vanraj think why Anuj is blushing so much. Anupama asks Kinjal why she didn’t disclosed about her pregnancy till. Kinjal says she didn’t got the chance. Anupama decide to break the news. Dolly learn that Anupama proposed Anuj.

Afterwards, Anupama dance and break the news of Kinjal’s pregnancy. Shahs gets elated. Vanraj asks Anupama if he is going to be grandfather. Anupama holds Vanraj’s hand and says yes. Gk says to Anuj that he thought Anupama will accept his proposal. Anuj says he thought the same but Kinjal’s happiness is bigger. Kinjal asks Paritosh if he is happy.

Paritosh says yes. Anuj says to GK that the family made him grandfather before he become the member of the family.
Anupama sees Anuj and drags him to the dance floor itself. Kinjal and Samar asks Anupama what news she wanted to break. Anupama reveal that her site got launched. Vanraj doubt Anupama is hiding something. Shahs congratulate Anupama. Anupama decide to cook for Kinjal. Later, she cries. Anupama think what stopped her from accepting Anuj’s proposal in front of others. She says Kinjal’s happiness was bigger than her confession. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Anupama accepts Anuj’s proposal. Both gets ready to marry. Anuj assures Anupama he will never leave her. Anupama hugs Anuj

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