Anupamaa 24th February 2022 Written Update: Anupama in a fix


Anupamaa 24th February 2022 Written Update on

In today’s episode; Abhimanyu says to Harsh that Akshara equally deserves to be back in the hospital. He signs the paper and says he is not threatening him but suggesting for the goodness of the hospital. Harsh understands Abhimanyu. Akshara share with Kairav that she could not have forgiven her if anything would have happened to Manish because of her. Kairav says he too hurt Manish. Both gets emotional. Vansh, Swarna and Suhasini reach hospital. Vansh wipe Kairav’s glasses. Swarna console Akshara. Anisha gets stunned seeing the bond of Swarna and Akshara. She think if Mahima ever showered motherly love to her. Akshara sees Anisha. She walks upto her. Suhasini dislikes Anisha’s presence.

Akshara says to Anisha that she understand she never got the love from Mahima but she is sure one day latter will forgive her. Anisha says she knows Mahima well and latter will never change. Akshara meet Manish. She claim his heart is beating for his family and children. Abhimanyu says his heart beat only for her. He credits Akshara’s song in saving Manish’s life. Akshara refuse to believe. Abhimanyu talks about Akshara rejoining Birla Hospital. Akshara refuse to join the hospital and upset Mainsh. Mainsh regains his consciousness. He refuse to take Abhimanyu’s help. Abhimanyu scolds Manish as a doctor and insists him to follow his orders to get well soon. Akshara apologize to Manish.

Anisha asks forgiveness from Mahima. Mahima refuse to accept Anisha’s apology. Akshara come and Anisha informs former that Mahima is not like other mother who forvie their children. Mahima alert Akshara not to interrupt in everyone’s matter also she will not understand mother-daughter bond. Akshara stand stunned.

Later, Goenkas meet Manish. Mainsh reveal to his family that on operation bed he felt he is leaving behind everything. He says because of his family he returned to life. Abhimanyu asks Goenkas to let Manish rest. Manish request Abhimanyu to let him talk with Swarna and Suhasini. Abhimanyu allows. Manish says to Swarna and Suhasini that before dying he wants to fix his children life. He shares his plan.
Akshara shares a talk with Abhimanyu. She regret going against Manish. Akshara says she never wanted a love that can risk her family member’s life. Abhimanyu gets upset with Aksharas word post she quoted she didn’t realised when her love turned up becoming a trouble for her family. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Abhimanyu gets upset seeing Akshara enjoying with her family. Later, Manish visit Birla House. Abhimanyu gets stunned.

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