Anupamaa Upcoming Story : Anupamaa accepts the job offer

Anupamaa Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Anupamaa Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

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Episode begins with Samar dances and shows his frustration in his dance. He says his dream of becoming dancer will come true. Kavya says they got the deal and she wants treat for that. Vanraj says her treat is Anupamaa’s hand made pakoda, he knows that is her favorite. Kavya says she is Anupamaa’s favorite it seems especially what happened on her birthday. He says Anupamaa is not the only one who stays in his house, his kids loves her especially Pakhi and asks her to accompany him. Leela asks Anupamaa’s brother about his job. He says he just have to arrange money for his mother’s surgery. Leela says in this age one should not go for surgery. Anupamaa’s mother says Leela is right. Anupamaa gives the money to them which she got on her birthday. She thinks about the job offer.Vanraj , Kavya reaches his house.

Anupamaa welcomes her. He tells her about the deal she won. Anupamaa apologize to Kavya for whatever happened on her birthday. Kavya says she need not to apologize. Anupamaa says she will make Kavya’s favorite food today and goes for kitchen to start the preparations. Kavya says Anupamaa is good cook and she should accept the job offer. She says Vanraj told her and says Anupamaa should accept the job offer if she can’t do then can leave the job. Samar says Kavya is right. Paritosh says it will be tough for Anupamaa. Kavya says Vanraj is not typical husband like others so it’s not a problem for Anupamaa.Vanraj says he doesn’t have any problem. Anupamaa recalls the praises she got for her cooking and says she will do the job. Pakhi and Leela gets worried hearing Anupamaa’s decision.

Anupamaa calls Principal and informs her that she will do the job. Principal asks her to send the email id. Anupamaa gets excited and dances with Samar. She hesitates to take Vanraj’s name but later pronounces his name on Samar’s request and blushes. He asks why she hesitated. She says in love it happens without realizing. Samar teases her for that. Kavya asks what is he thinking. Vanraj says she can be his girlfriend or Anupamaa’s best friend but can’t handle both relationships together. And asks her to decide what she wants to do. She asks why he is bothering about her and Anupamaa’s relationship. She asks what he expects that she has to fight with her. He says he didn’t mean that but no need to over friendly with her. She says it’s her life and her decision and she will decide always. He asks her to not complicate the situation more which is complicated already. She says he complicated the situation by introducing her to his family. He says her relationship should be just with him not with Anupamaa, so she need not to become Anupamaa’s best friend. Kavya gets call from her ex husband which irks Vanraj. Kavya says she always trusted Vanraj when he told he doesn’t have any physical or emotional relationship with Anupamaa but can’t he trust her for 15minutes phone call from her ex husband. She says he called her just to inform about the lawyer meeting to finalize the divorce. She says if he loves her then he should trusts her too.

Anupamaa informs Devika about her new job. Devika gets happy and says Anupamaa should not repeat the sarees. Leela tells Dolly about Anupamaa’s job. Dolly says it’s fine that Anupamaa going to do job it’s just a part time so not a big problem. Leela asks then who will handle Meenu. Dolly says Leela has to handle because Meenu is her grand daughter. Meenu gives gift to Anupamaa. Samar asks Anupamaa to sign the appointment letter. She takes blessing from Leela and signs using the pen she got from Meenu. She recalls about her mother’s surgery and thinks first time she got chance to do something for her mother.

Episode ends.

Precap – Anupamaa says she is happy that Vanraj agreed for her job. Vanraj says her job should not create problem for his kids.