Anupamaa Upcoming Story : Anupamaa tries to stop Paritosh from leaving the house

Anupamaa Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Anupamaa Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

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Episode begins with Vanraj says Anupamaa and Paritosh disrespecting him and he doesn’t wanna see Rakhi again so apologizing to her is impossible. Paritosh says Vanraj  became selfish just his ego matters for him now not his son’s happiness. He asks can’t Vanraj leave his arrogance for his son’s life and asks what kind of father he is.

Anupamaa gets angry and asks Paritosh to stop. She shouts at him and says he wants to marry Kinjal, she will make it happen for him and will find any other way but she won’t tolerate Vanraj’s disrespect. Vanraj says now there is no use in making him understand saying Paritosh seeing him as a stranger now not father.

Paritosh says he faced embarrassment in front of Kinjal’s family because of Anupamaa and Vanraj insulted Rakhi and asks what’s the use of these kind of parents. He says Vanraj love become debt for him, first he lost Kinjal now he gonna lose his life. Samar says with thinking anything Paritosh talking and asks him to stop.

Paritosh scolds Samar. Samar tries to calm him but Paritosh pushes him. Paritosh says they don’t love him so he wants to leave the house. Vanraj says Paritosh need not to wait for anything, the door is open he can leave. Leela cries hearing him. Anupamaa asks Vanraj to stop Paritosh.

Paritosh packs his bag. Samar tries to convince him saying there is love behind Vanraj’s anger. He says Paritosh is Vanraj’s pride, he will break down if Paritosh leaves the house. He says they will talk about it calmly. He hugs him tightly saying he won’t let him go, if he wants to beat or scold him then he can.

Paritosh says no one can stop him and leaves the room. Anupamaa begs Paritosh to stop. Vanraj asks her to choose between him and Paritosh. Anupamaa shatters hearing him and Paritosh leaves the house. Leela goes inside, her brother follows her to console. Samar goes to give Paritosh’s mobile to him.

Paritosh tells Samar that his ego is not bigger than his love so he will apologize to Rakhi. Samar gives the mobile to him and says their parents also humans, maybe they are wrong but that doesn’t mean whole relationship is wrong. Paritosh says he will come back only when his marriage will be fixed with Kinjal and asks him to not tell this to their family.

Samar asks him to go if he wants then but he should understand that what all he is losing. He asks can he live without his family. Leela’s brother consoles Leela. Leela says what will she say to Jayesh and blames Anupamaa for breaking the family. Leela’s brother asks if one mother can’t understand another mother’s pain then who will support her. Anupamaa cries sitting on entrance, Vanraj takes her inside.

Nandini sees the devasted Samar and gets worried for his family. Pakhi reaches home and asks Samar that what happened. He takes her inside. Anupamaa cries recalling the moments she and Vanraj shared with Paritosh.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vanraj says his son was his pride. Anupamaa says he will come back soon. Police asks Anupamaa to identify Paritosh’s mobile.