Anupamaa Upcoming Story: Anupamaa wins the competition

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Episode begins with Kavya tells about her stall plans to Pakhi. Pakhi says Kavya is best and no one can beat her now. Vanraj says today Pakhi will win. Rakhi says it would have been good if Anupamaa too know all this. Samar tells Anupamaa that Varun will reach school on time with food. Anupamaa asks will they reach on time. He says she doesn’t need to worry when he is with her. They reaches the school, Samar runs inside to see Varun arranged the food or not.

Anupamaa gets afraid seeing other students mother’s and tells Samar that Vanraj is correct she can’t stand against these ladies. He says it’s time for her to shine. She moves inside confidently. Anupamaa and Samar arranges the stall, Pakhi’s principal sees that. Pakhi reaches the school with Vanraj and Kavya. Samar takes selfie with Anupamaa and leaves from there saying he will come back after seeing Varun. Pakhi shocks seeing Anupamaa. Kavya recalls how Pakhi requested her to participate in fun stall competition. Vanraj recalls how he warned her at morning. Anupamaa smiles seeing him and shows the surprise board to them. Kavya leaves from there angrily and Vanraj follows her. Anupamaa asks Vanraj where they went suddenly. Samar asks her to focus on herself at least this time. He says she wants to win for Pakhi and Vanraj so she needs to focus. He says judges coming and asks her to present confidently.

Judges comes to Anupamaa’s stall and gets impressed seeing the dishes. They praises her dishes. Principal praises the taste and says Pakhishould become like AAnupamaa. Anupamaa says Pakhi is like her only but she didn’t realized that yet. Principal says Judges liked the food but their score is just 25% and remaining 75% depends on others votes. She leaves from there after wishing her best of luck. Samar gets happy and praises Anupamaa for talking confidently in front of the Judges.

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Vanraj asks Kavya to not create any drama. Kavya says he made fun of her today. He says he knows that Anupamaa should not have done that. She says she doesn’t care about what Anupamaa does because only he matters for her. Pakhi’s friends makes fun of her stall. Pakhi tells Samar that she doesn’t wants to insult Anupamaa but also she doesn’t wants to get insulted because of Anupamaa. Samar says he knows Anupamaa doesn’t know to speak in English and doesn’t know to cook pasta but still she tries everything for them. He says she was so nervous before coming here still she came just for Pakhi. She says he is keep praising Anupamaa but doesn’t understands her, if Kavya puts stall then she would have won the trophy now have to see other student getting that. Kavya says Vanraj knows Anupamaa preparing for stall then why he involved her in this. She says she did lot of preparation for stall just because of him but he doesn’t care about her feelings. She asks now she have to stay or leave. He asks her to leave. She says how easily he told. He says he doesn’t have time to tolerate her tantrums, he have to handle Pakhi’s disappointment and Anupamaa’s nonsense too. Kavya says she won’t leave.

Principal announces that Anupamaa won the competition and calls her to come to the stage. Pakhi gets surprised and Kavya shocks. Anupamaa says she wants receive the trophy with her family and says she wants to receive it from Pakhi. Pakhi gives the trophy to Anupamaa happily. Anupamaa says it’s her first win and gives the credit to her family. Vanraj says he is proud of his wife. Anupamaa gets so happy.

Precap – Vanraj says whatever he told on stage was lie

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