Anupamaa Upcoming Story : Anupamaa’s first day at work

Anupamaa Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Anupamaa Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Anupamaa Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Episode begins with Vanraj says if Anupamaa wants to reach school on time then she should get ready fast. Anupamaa gets surprised hearing him and goes to get ready happily. Samar wishes her on her first day. Vanraj says he will wait for her outside. She prays to God that she is always proud of her husband and her family now wants them to be proud of her. Kavya and Anupamaa was about to sit on front seat later Anupamaa sits on back side telling she have to leave in middle so no problem. Anupamaa asks Samar to give the medicine to Leela on time.

Vanraj talks about business deal with Kavya. Kavya asks Anupamaa to not worry everything will be fine. She says woman should do work and be independent in their life, and says she got the respect when she started to work. Vanraj gets irritated hearing her. Anupamaa says everyone needs partner in life so Kavya should marry someone. She says she will pray to God for her. He thinks she won’t stop and will keep talking so he lies that he forget his file. Anupamaa gets down from the car and tells him that it’s her first day. He says all the best to her.

Anupamaa tries to take auto. Vanraj says now Anupamaa is not with them then why she is not happy still. She says she gets insecured whenever she sees him with Anupamaa and starts to think what’s her place in his life. She says they have relationship but that doesn’t have any name, she wants relationship with name until she gets the society acceptance she will get insecured.

Anupamaa ends up being late to her first day of work. Principal says she came late just 5 minutes but she knows the importance of that 5minutes more than her. Anupamaa apologize to her. Principal says she is just warning her that it won’t be easy to handle these students. Anupamaa reaches her class and introduce herself to the students. They starts to laugh seeing the way she talks.

Meenu asks Leela to make burger for her. One of the boy asks why boys should cook. She says everyone should know to cook. One of the student says if she wants to cook then she can but they are not interested. Meenu says burger is so spicy. Samar comes there and takes 2 burger and says Anupamaa already made it for him and Meenu. Leela shocks seeing that and says if Anupamaa was good daughter in law then she would have informed her. One of the student says Anupamaa is not a cool teacher. Anupamaa says she will prove how cool she is and while dances she makes tasty burgers and gives that to students. Principal sees that.

Precap – Principal tells Anupamaa that today she proved that mother is the best teacher.