Anupamaa Upcoming Story: Vanraj berates Anupamaa

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Episode begins with Dolly’s husband brings cream roll for Jayesh and gives it to him without Leela’s knowledge. He says if got caught by Leela then that will be his last day. Jayesh says everyone should get son in law like him. Jilmil comes there with coffee and gives it to him. He denies to take saying he have to go to office and leaves from there after taking blessing from Jayesh. Jayesh says he feels peace whenever Leela goes outside and he is not afraid of her. Leela comes home and calls Anupamaa. She assumes Anupamaa went to her mother’s home and taunts her. Jayesh says Dolly too comes to her mother’s home it’s not big thing.

Anupamaa reaches home. Leela asks is she coming from her house. Jayesh signs Anupamaa to say yes. Before Anupamaa denies Jayesh says she can’t able to go on her birthday that’s why today went. Anupamaa apologize to god saying Jayesh lied to Leela for her. She says she wish to talk with Leela like she talks with her mother. Jilmil says Anupamaa treats Leela like her mother but for Leela Anupamaa is her daughter in law only not daughter. Anupamaa changes the topic saying tomorrow she has to reach the school on time.

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Vanraj message all the best to Kavya for tomorrow’s event. He struggles in back pain and asks Anupamaa to massage. She says he reads book in half lying position that’s why his back pains and puts balm on his back. He says he just asked her to massage not to give lecture. She thinks she have to prepare the food before everyone wakes up and what will she do. Samar waits for Anupamaa and thinks why didn’t she came yet. Anupamaa meets Samar and tells about Vanraj’s pain. They hides from Leela when they saw her coming from her room. Jayesh asks Samar to take Anupamaa to terrace and he will handle Leela.

Anupamaa starts the preparation and Samar helps her. Leela suspects after smelling the food smell. Anupamaa finishes the cooking and does the packing. Samar goes to bring his friend’s car. Vanraj comes to terrace and sees everything. Anupamaa tells him that she wanted to surprise him and Pakhi. He says she will just give embarrassment to him and Pakhi in school by putting thepla stall in school. She says it’s not just thepla but thepla pizza. He says when she doesn’t even know to say sorry then she should not do any mistake too. He says he will take care of Pakhi’s victory, they don’t need her. Anupamaa tells Samar and Jayesh that she is not going to school. They shocks knowing Vanraj gets to know everything. Pakhi says she saw gulam jamun in her dream.

Anupamaa says she will get it at evening. Pakhi says Anupamaa is best mother and leaves from there. Anupamaa thinks she is best mother inside the house and wish to be best mother outside too. Jayesh says he won’t let Anupamaa to fail without even trying. He takes Leela with him says her sister is not well. Anupamaa prays to God that first time this mother going outside to do something and asks him to take care of her.

Precap – Anupamaa gets afraid seeing all people in the stall. Vanraj shocks seeing Anupamaa in the stall.

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