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Episode begins with Jilmil asks to Anupamaa why suddenly party today. Anupamaa says she doesn’t know. Jilmil says if today anyone’s birthday or anniversary that makes sense but why today, suddenly she realizes that Anupamaa wearing new saree and wishes for her birthday. Anupamaa asks her to stay silent because Vanraj planning surprise party. Leela asks Anupamaa to do the preparation well for today’s party. Anupamaa and Jilmil smiles at each other. Leela notices that and asks why they are so happy today. Anupamaa leaves from there saying Leela misunderstood. She gets call from her mother. Her mother says it’s her birthday party and she is doing all the works for party. Anupamaa says her husband likes her hand made food that’s why. She teasingly says it’s her mother’s fault that now she is making tasty food. Her mother says it’s her mistake only that she didn’t sent Anupamaa to school instead she made her learn household chores. Anupamaa cuts the call saying she have lot of work. She asks Samar why he calls everyone by their nicknames. She says if he calls his aunty by her name then what she will think about her upbringing. He says his aunty only told him to call her by her name instead of calling aunty. Later Samar apologize to Anupamaa for forgetting her birthday. She says she wants wish instead of apology. He wishes her and dance with her. He asks what gift she want. She asks him to give her his time that’s all she need.

Kavya gets to know about party and her promotion from Vanraj and she thanks him. He says everything she got because of her talent so no need to thank him. Anupamaa serves tea to Leela and Jayesh. Leela suspects why Anupamaa seems so happy today. Anupamaa asks Jilmil to go to home saying her daughter will be alone at home. Jilmil asks her to get ready for party the way Vanraj wanted. Dolly’s husband, Pakhi praises Anupamaa’s saree.

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Dolly’s husband asks Dolly to wear saree like Anupamaa at least once. Dolly says Anupamaa is house wife that she have lot of free time to get ready which she doesn’t. She says only house wife can wear sarees and working women’s can just buy. Dolly’s husband asks the reason for this surprise party. Pakhi says her father didn’t told anyone but it’s so special for him for sure. Anupamaa gets happy hearing Pakhi and waits for Vanraj. She gets excited seeing him with cake. Vanraj asks her to bring knife.

Paritosh asks Vanraj to tell the reason for the celebration. Vanraj asks Anupamaa to come forward with knife.  Before Vanraj announces, Anupamaa stops him saying Samar didn’t arrived yet. Vanraj gets angry on Samar and tells about Kavya’s promotion. Anupamaa shatters seeing Kavya’s name cake. She recalls how he asked her to get ready for evening party. Kavya gives all the credit to Vanraj and praises him and says she will cut the cake with him.

Precap – Anupamaa says Kavya’s promotion cake can’t become her birthday cake.

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