Apna Time Bhi Aayega Upcoming Story : Kiara plans to insult Rani in the party


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Episode begins with Rani prepares medicine for Veer’s neck pain. Vikram asks what is she doing in the kitchen. She hides the reason from him and tells her to get ready for party. She says Nanthini gave dress to her and also explained many things. He asks how much she is excited for party. She says she is afraid, first of all she had not attend so many parties and moreover she would be the center attraction of the party that’s why she is nervous too. He laughs hearing her and asks does her village people also celebrates Valentine’s day. She says they are not aware of all this but she knows little bit and talks about what all people do in normal party.

He says she misunderstood and says two lovers celebrates this day together and confesses their feelings to each other and says Veer will bring gift for her and asks did she prepared any gift for his brother. She feels shy and tells him to go and get ready for party instead of saying all this. He says he will change her bandage. She recalls how Veer said to her that he will change her bandage after coming from hospital and refuses Vikram saying she will do it. He teasingly says she wants Veer to change her bandage that’s why refusing him. She nods at him and says Veer is Doctor and he is Lawyer that’s why and runs from there. He prays for Rani and Veer’s happiness.

Rani gets ready for party and Veer who came there gets mesmerized seeing her. She starts to blabber saying no matter what she do she can’t look good and she knows that she is looking weird that’s why he is staring her like this and she was about to remove the jewels but he stops her and says she is looking good in this dress then changes her bandage. She notices that he is still struggling with neck pain and says she prepared medicine for him and he will feel better for sure and applies it on his neck and massages there.

Kiara and her friends arrives to the palace. Kiara says Rajeshwari can accept Rani but she won’t. Vikram asks why Kiara came here. Rajeshwari says she invited Kiara and says everyone should know that Veer and Rani is couple now. Nanthini announes that fate brought her brother and his wife together and welcomes them. Veer and Rani makes their entry. She says she is feeling weird with all this. He says he is also feeling like her only but after some time she will feel better. Everyone congratulates Veer and Rani. Rajeshwari says Veer and Rani looking really good.

Kumud tells Dikvijay that finally Rajeshwari accepted Veer so they should tell the truth to Rajeshwari now. He asks what is she saying and tells her to not think like this. She says Veer also deserves to know the truth. He says this secret should not come out no matter what. Rajmata sees them together. Rajeshwari introduces Rani to the guests. Kumud cries seeing one picture and Rajmata notices her and decides to know the truth.

Episode ends.