Apna Time Bhi Aayega Upcoming Story : Rai apologises to Mahi


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Episode starts with Mahi saying to that person she will return his money. She goes with him and removes the cover of mig 21. She gives the keys to him saying he can get even more money by selling this. She gets emotional seeing the car. She recalls everything. She says mig 21 use to make her feel free. It’s her strength. She says please forgive me if you can as I had to give you to someone else. Mahi says she loves her family more than anything. She touches the car and says I thought you will always be by my side but this can’t happen now. She kisses the car and cries. She pleads with the person that please take care of my car. He says its now mine. I’ll use it the way I want. Mahi gets heartbroken and cries her heart out.

Pappu starts his acting saying he would have killed that person who grabbed Dharampal’s collar. Doorbell rings, seeing Jogi Dharampal and Seema feel guilty. Dharampal says the way he supported Mahi is praiseworthy. Jogi says Mahi is his friend. Seema says but people will not accept their friendship in a good way. As this world is mean. They only know how to gossip. In future they will face problem. Seema requests Jogi to break friendship. It will be good for everyone. Jogi gets shocked. Seema folds her hands. Jogi says don’t plead like this. Jogi says he accepts Seema’s order as she is like her mother. He leaves. Mahi comes and asks Seema has somebody come? Seema changes the topic saying is everything fine? Mahi says she handled it.

Shalu asks what about others? They will also come to take dues. Again doorbell rings. Seema opens the door and sees Rai. She recalls how Rai insulted Mahi. He gets inside. He says he wants to talk about something regarding marriage. Pappu thinks this is like bumper offer. Now he will want jewelries. Seema says we totally forgot about the jewelries. We’ll return it to you very soon. Rai says I don’t need that, I need diamond. He again gives marriage proposal for Mahi. Pappu gets shocked. He asks you ruined our respect, we can’t show our faces to anyone. Then how can you ask for the same thing? Specially when you left Mahi and her family after insulting them so much. You even called Mahi shameless.

Rai shouts, I know thats why I came back to apologize to them. Which I lost I want to get it back again. Rai says sorry to Mahi saying he admits that he made a huge mistake. Due to that he wants apology. Mahi says you are older than me. I respect you. Rai says only you can solve this mess. I only want to see you as my Arjun’s wife. Please agree for this marriage. Mahi says my family’s decision will be my last decision.