Appnapan 11th August 2022 Written Update: Pallavi is unable to accept the loss!


Appnapan 11th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nandita getting shocked to see Nick. Nick asks if you were talking to Harsh? Nandita worries. Nick says don’t start calling so soon, take care. Nandita laughs and says it was something about the investigator as you didn’t have your phone so he called me. Nick says I don’t have my phone with my, give your phone I will make some calls. Nandita gives it and she drops it. Nick asks Nandita to rest. Nandita says you know I do everything for you and kids. Nick says yes, just relax.

Nandita thinks Nick can’t know about Pallavi anytime soon. Here, Badal comes to Rajjo, he introduces himself as Pallavi and Nick’s son. Rajjo gets happy seeing him. Badal asks how she and Sonali knew his mom dad. Rajjo says how she, Sonali and Pallavi were best friends and they enjoyed a lot at Harsh’s first birthday party. Badal asks her to send the pictures to his whatsapp. Rajjo says sure. Badal says I will get cold coffee for you. He goes and thinks he can finally learn something about past.

Here, a neighbour brings tea for Pallavi and Nani. She says I thought to bring tea for you as you guys are so worried. She suggests to complain against Harsh as nowadays kids are so ungrateful. Pallavi says it’s our house matter. Neighbour says where is the house now? The othe neighbours say let’s not help them only they are rude. They leave.

Barkha finishes her coffee and feels dizzy. Sid locks the room and dims the light. He gives the reason that she must be having headache as she got wet in rain so he dimmed the lights. Barkha lies on the bed. Here, Nani tries to calm Pallavi and tries to make her fall sleep. Pallavi says I won’t be able to calm down or sleep till the time I haven’t seen my kids. She opens her wound of leg. Nani says what are you saying? Pallavi says wounds are not always bad, this wound won’t let me sleep till the time my kids are not back. She washes her face. Nani worries for her. Ranveer sees Nani sleeping on floor so he comes to her.

Here, Pallavi walks with difficulty to the temple. She rings the bell and looks at god with helplessness. She walks inside and continuously rings the bell. Pallavi says god only you know how whatever I have done is for my kids, please give me strength to handle my kid’s rejections, I want to become a mom who only thinks and does for her kids for all my life, you know I did everything to fullfill their dreams and convince them but now my kids are gone.

Pallavi says I am very stubborn but today nor my love nor my stubbornnes worked so I have come to you to give me strength, please protect my kids and keep them safe, I don’t want to give up. Pallavi says I broke my marriage because the trust was gone and then I let my two kids go with Nick as he needed treatment, I did all things for my kids, what did I do wrong? Please do justice with me, help me and make my kids understand me. Pallavi cries and prays to god. Pallavi thinks to stay in the temple till the time her kids don’t return.

Episode ends.

Precap – Harsh sells off all the items of Pallavi’s house. Pallavi, Mana and Badal watch and get emotional.

Episode begins with Pallavi remembering all the events of the day and how Harsh thinks about her. She sits down devastated. Ranveer calls Mana asking about Barkha. Mana says please make me talk to Pallavi. Ranveer gives the call to Pallavi. Mana calms and reassures Pallavi. Mana then talks to Ranveer that she is still finding Barkha and not to tell this to Pallavi. Here, Nandita is admited and thinks to keep Nick distracted. Ranveer calls Badal and he tells Ranveer about Nandita. Ranveer thinks let’s not increase Badal’s worries. Here, Nani tries to calm Pallavi and says Gagan will come back soon. Pallavi says let’s go to police. Ranveer says no that’s not required, Badal will return. Pallavi worries for her kids.

Here, Sid gives coffee to Barkha and asks her to relax and make herself comfortable. Sid then also offers alcohol. Barkha says I am not Mana, I don’t drink. Sid says okay, have a seat. Barkha sees mud on her dress so Sid asks her to change. Barkha says I don’t have any clothes. Sid gives her a t shirt and bathrobe. Barkha sees him uncomfortably. Sid says please relax, I am a gentleman. Sid goes out and mixes alcohol in Barkha’s coffee.

Here, the doctor acts that Nandita has a side effect and has to stay for the night. Badal comes so Nick says let me drop Badal home. Nandita says please don’t leave me alone here. Nick says okay I will leave him out. Nandita says okay. Nick asks Badal to go home fast as Pallavi will be worried. Badal says Pallavi is not that bad. Just then a nurse comes and identifies Nick as his friend. Nick also gets excited. Nick asks Badal to go and call him when he reaches. Badal leaves. Nick talks to Rajjo. Rajjo says how is Pallavi, she is so lucky to have a husband like you. Nick says my sister is admitted here.

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