Appnapan 11th July 2022 Written Update: Harsh gets convinced by Pallavi!


Appnapan 11th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ranveer thinking about Nick saying right and he should propose to Pallavi. Nick comes and says don’t overthink just do it. Ranveer thinks he will do it tomorrow. Next day, Pallavi is preparing food when Mana comes and greets her. Pallavi asks if she got a good sleep. Mana says yes due to your spa. Mana asks about what happened with dad. Pallavi says you are a kid stay out of it. Mana says never got to stay a kid. Pallavi says I can’t give you your childhood but can give your mother back and call me Ma it’s better. Mana says I love you Ma.

Pallavi then says how she is planning to make dahi vada. Mana gets happy. Gagan and Nani ask Pallavi for some help so they both go and serve breakfast. Barkha sees Mana and gets upset. Pallavi asks everyone to attend the mata ki chowki. Nani says I will come back early. Pallavi says no. Mana asks about chowki and Pallavi explains it while Barkha taunts her. Mana replies very calmly irritating Barkha. Barkha takes Pallavi inside to talk.

Here, Nick remembers Pallavi and old days with her looking at her earring. Harsh comes so Nick gets surprised. Nick drops the earrings. Pallavi asks Barkha if she misses her being her old mom. Barkha says I am going through a lot and you are making things difficult. Nani comes and calls Pallavi out. Gagan says why are you still hiding things? All the kids says he can’t stay here, tell her mom. Pallavi gets happy seeing Harsh. Harsh says I am here to take Mana. Pallavi asks Harsh to come inside. Mana also asks Harsh to come inside for her. Harsh agrees. Pallavi gets emotional. She remembers Harsh as a kid.

Pallavi takes Harsh somewhere to talk about something. Pallavi explains how she wants to give them all a mom. Harsh taunts her saying suddenly she is concerned about them did she saw dad’s bank balance. Pallavi explains how he is free to take out his bitterness but to get to know her again. Outside, Gagan, Barkha, Mana and Badal try to talk to them but they are unable to hear it. Harsh comes out and gives Mana permission to stay. Mana gets happy. Harsh goes.

Nandita complains to Nick and panicks that Harsh also went. Nick tries to call Pallavi but she doesn’t pick up. Nandita asks Nick to bring the kids back. Ranveer is preparing for the proposal and reherses. Nick calls Ranveer to ask about Pallavi. Ranveer says Pallavi must be busy in mata ki chowki. Call ends Ranveer asks god to help him. Nick thinks Pallavi can’t take my kids, I want my kids back.

Here, Pallavi and kids pack the gifts. Pallavi introduces Mana in desi avatar. Barkha sees Mana get attention so she gets upset. Gagan doesn’t react while Nani gets mesmerized by her. Barkha says I will make sure Mana goes out of here soon. Mana asks if dance will also happen? Nani says yes. Nani explains about the chowki. Pallavi makes everyone get up and go. Pallavi puts black tika on Barkha. They all leave but Barkha stays back and thinks to create drama.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ranveer comes to propose to Pallavi. Just then Nick comes to Pallavi.