Appnapan 12th August 2022 Written Update: Pallavi’s prayers get answered!


Appnapan 12th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pallavi praying to god for her kids. Here, Sid comes close to Barkha while she feels dizzy and resists him. Here, Pallavi is ringing the bell. Sid plants a phone to record this all. Barkha asks him to stop and leave her. Sid tries to impose himself on her. Someone knocks on the door so Sid locks Barkha and goes. Mana comes and beats him. Sid gets shocked, Mana says I am asking you about Barkha and you are ignoring. Barkha sees the camera and cries. Mana goes inside the room and hugs Barkha. Mana consoles her. Sid comes inside while Mana beats Sid and scolds him. Sid gets hurt on his head and falls. Mana hugs Barkha. Badal comes to Pallavi who is in the temple. Badal hugs Pallavi. He makes her sit and calm her. Badal says Nani told me everything, how can Harsh do this? Pallavi says he is just venting his anger on us specially me, we can’t go against him as he is our family, we need to let him cool off. Badal and Pallavi take part in the aarti.

Here, Mana sees the video and says you want to make video too, you are so low class. Mana takes the phone. Mana says you are a dirty animal, you wanted to shoot and defame Barkha but the video is being made of you who is being hit by girls. Sid says you can’t do this. Sid holds Mana against the cupboard and says now I will record both of you just wait. Barkha comes and hits Sid from behind. He falls them when Barkha and Mana join hands. They both beat Sid. Mana says are you not ashamed that you are getting beaten by two girls, for your intentions this is also less. Barkha and Mana hit him. Pallavi and Badal both pray for the family. Mana asks Barkha to change and then they can leave. Mana transfers the video to her phone and says I will viral this video if you ever try to come near me or my family. Barkha comes and says my dress was dirty so I wore this. Mana gets Ranveer’s call so she says Barkha is with me, she was with her friends. Barkha thanks Mana and hugs her. Mana says mom is praying for us so I reached on time to save you, but from next time if someone is telling you to stay away from a guy then listen to them. Barkha says I am sorry, I should have taken care. Mana says it’s okay, don’t feel guilty when a girl says no it’s no. Barkha says how did you know I was here? Mana says my wellwisher told me.

Flashback is shown when Mana goes to cafe and asks Shambhu about Barkha but he has no idea. Ishan also comes and says I have seen her with Sid and then he was saying he is going to his home. Mana thanks Ishan and goes. Flashback ends. Mana says Ishan really cares about you. They hug and leave to go to Pallavi. Mana and Barkha join Pallavi and Badal. Here, doctor comes and complains to Nandita how Nick questioned him all night about your health. Nandita says you are paid well enough so keep quite, we need to keep Nick here till 12. Nick comes and says how can you leave so soon, this doctor is not giving me proper updates also, let’s go to another hospital to a better doctor. Nandita says don’t start in the morning. Nandita says I am fine see I can walk and I am alert. Nick says okay, I am sorry doctor. Nandita says let’s go to hotel and rest. Doctor says yes she can be discharged.

Here, Pallavi opens her eyes and sees Barkha. She gets happy and thanks Mana. Nani also comes and they all hug. Pallavi thanks god. Here, Nick asks about what food can she have? doctor says dal makhni and all. Nick says but she is not well. Doctor says all this is not allowed. Nick says okay. Nandita says now I will have to eat boiled food. Nandita asks for the phone and asks him to gaurd the door. Nandita asks Harsh about the update on their plan.

Episode ends.

Precap – Harsh sells the items of the house. Pallavi sees this and faints. Nick comes and thinks why did Pallavi not tell me? He picks her up and makes her lie down on the bed.

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