Appnapan 16th August 2022 Written Update: Pallavi fears Nick’s victory over hers!


Appnapan 16th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Harsh getting upset and asking someone to call a person who can buy all this. Suddenly a car comes and a man says these are the actual papers and from now on this house is of that person. Harsh says what? How is that possible? It’s in whose name? Then Nick comes out. Harsh is shocked. Nick pays and says I am buying all this, I hope you don’t want identity proof of your father. Harsh gets more angry. The kids hug Nick and get happy. Pallavi looks shocked. Nick asks Nani not to worry. Badal and Mana talk how did Nick got to know? Flashback is shown when Gagan goes to call Nick after hearing from Badal. Gagan comes and says I got him here. Barkha asks Nick and Pallavi not to start fighting here. Pallavi faints. Nick and everyone worry. Nick carries Pallavi inside. Everyone follows. Nick asks to clean the room, get some cold packs and call the doctor. The kids do the work. Nick makes Pallavi lie down on a bed and sits beside her. Nick worries for Pallavi.

Nick wipes Pallavi’s sweat. Nick asks Pallavi why didn’t she try to contact him? I know we have our differences and it has deepened in all these years but I don’t understand how can you hide such a big thing. Doctor comes so he asks them to go out, only Mana stays back. Ranveer thanks Nick. Nick asks why? Ranveer says for saving the house. Nick says the reason why this happened was because of me as Harsh stayed with me and I didn’t give him time, he is deprived of love. Ranveer says it’s not your fault, look at Mana who is so caring and responsible, it’s not always the fault of the parent. Badal calls everyone to eat. A guy comes in when Gagan says auction is over go. Nick says I have called him to set the house up.

Barkha taunts Gagan to always be in action mode. Nick gives a plate of food to Ranveer. Ranveer says thank you, I am good. Nick thanks Ranveer for always being there for his family and specially being by Pallavi’s side. Ranveer says Pallavi is my friend and I am always there for her and I care for this family. Nick says I am sure you do. Doctor comes and gives the list of medicines when Nick and Ranveer both try to take but then Nick leaves it. Nani asks the kids to eat and then talk to Nick. The kids ask Nick to stay here then why to stay in hotel. Nick thinks of what the neighbours asked in the interview and then how Ranveer and Pallavi are getting married. Nick thinks if it will be okay to stay here? Nick says I haven’t thought about it let’s focus on Pallavi’s health and discuss this later. At night, Pallavi speaks in sleep and sees her kids going away from her.

Gagan and Barkha come with suitcase and they say let’s go papa. Ranveer comes and says Pallavi is sick and you are taking them? You can’t do this. Nick says you should be happy, you are starting a new life with Pallavi, let me take the kids, I will take the kids do what you want to. Ranveer and Nick hold each other’s collars. Kids separate them. Nick tells Badal how he can help him to become world’s best chef so come with me, your mother won’t be able to do it. Nani says how can you do it? Nick says I am doing this for overall good, as if this goes to court then everything will come out and how Pallavi hid the birth of Badal and Gagan. Nick tries to convince and apologise to Mana to take her with him. All the kids agree while Nani and Ranveer are helpless. It turns out to be Pallavi’s dream. Pallavi thinks of the whole day and the events.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nandita scolds Harsh and how Nick is always helping that family. Pallavi comes to Nick’s hotel room to remind of his past mistakes.

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