Appnapan 16th June 2022 Written Update: Pallavi makes a blunder infront of an important client!


Appnapan 16th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mana coming to restaurant and meeting Nick’s sister. Nick’s sister excuses herself from the media and goes to Nick and Mana. Mana asks Nick how can he forget his son’s birthday, I bought a cake from your end but you don’t have time as usual. Mana takes his phone while Nick tries to avoid. Mana says see so many unread messages. Nick takes the phone.

Pallavi scolds her mom for getting drunk and what will the society say? Dadi says don’t worry it’s only sometimes only. Dadi says the kids were asking about him. Pallavi worries and says then what did you say? Dadi says I didn’t tell anything. Pallavi says when a person is drunk people do say everything. Pallavi says Barkha is exactly like Nick, all her allergies and anger, I can never let them meet him.

Here, Mana talks to her friend about Nick about how he always care about money and his kids are no one for him. Mana says we miss mumma, after her death we feel dad also went with her, he never cried even when I was very sick. Mana’s friend says maybe you are thinking too much. Mana says my dad just has lot of money but no emotions, I so miss my mom. Here, Pallavi makes food for client. Ranveer asks Pallavi not to stress herself out so much. Pallavi says it’s very important for my children’s education.

Chang offers Nick 3 times the money for opening the restaurant in India. Nick’s sister thinks its such a great deal. She tries to convince Nick but he gets angry. Later, Nick shows his friend the messages from Barkha and gets nostalgic thinking Barkha has grown up so much. His friend says what are you thinking to do? Nick says I don’t know. Nick replies no. Barkha is talking to Harsh and gets happy to see the reply but then sees a no. Harsh says I am sure he is your dad, after 6 hrs of seenzone he replied no. Barkha tries to message Nick from her phone.

An old lady comes and says she is here for Nick as she asked her to be the wedding planner. His friend says no he didnt. Nick avoids her and goes. Nick’s friend thinks how to tell her I used Nick’s picture in my profile. Nick’s sister asks him what’s the lady is saying. He diverts the topic. The old lady thinks Nick is so perfect and can get so many matches and I will be rich.

Pallavi prepares the chutney and forgets about the dishes on stove and it gets burnt. The client comes and Pallavi panicks. She comes with chutney. The client gets upset hearing from Pallavi that she burnt the actual food. Client says you have just wasted my time. They start to leave when Pallavi runs and requests them to give her a chance as it was a mistake and this catering she does for financing her kids’ education. Pallavi cries and folds her hands infront of her. She requests her. The client says my mom used to say from one spoon also a real chef can be known, bring you chutney. Pallavi brings the chutney and the client praises the taste of it. Client hires Pallavi. Pallavi gets happy and thanks her.

Barkha thinks of what to send as a message. She finally writes a message about all her habits that she got from him and this number was a hope for me to have a dad, I have a loving guy and wedding attire but my mom is not with me full heartedly, I wish I could have my dad, sorry for disturbing you. Barkha sends the message and cries. Nick is in deep thoughts when his friends come. Nick says tell Chang we are going to India, Barkha has all my habits maybe contractually she is not my daughter but in reality she is so I will do all arrangements. His friend asks will you go infront of her? Nick says no, I will go for arranging it all as I can’t go infront of them or Pallavi, we will go for the Chang’s deal but actually I will arrange everything for Barkha.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nick comes to India and Barkha gets unconscious. People ask for epinephrine. Nick says I have. People say that girl has mango allergy. Nick feels it’s Barkha. Just then even Pallavi comes towards Barkha.

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