Appnapan 18th August 2022 Written Update: Harsh returns to the Gulati house!


Appnapan 18th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nick think Pallavi why are you always misunderstanding me? Pallavi thinks just tell me Nick that you won’t take the custody ahead. Nick says you are misunderstanding me. Nick starts eating food. Pallavi says so you are taking this case back? Pallavi cries and says you have one intention to take my kids from me. Nick says I got no other options. Pallavi says you will take my kids and say this only. Nick says they are my kids as well. Pallavi says I never denied, I never said you can’t meet them.

Nick says you didn’t say so but you never let the kids meet me either, so who ever wins the custody the other person will lose. Pallavi says I will be the one losing, your case is already strong then why did you buy the house? Nick says someone said rightly about you. Pallavi says stop. Nick says no you will have to listen, Sonali said right, you are selfish person, you won’t get affected by others feelings, I feel she said right. Pallavi says yes Sonali was better and did right that is why you had affair with her. Nick is silent. Pallavi leaves and walks in the street thinking what Nick said. Nick starts drinking and thinks how Pallavi said he had an affair. They both thinks of the day’s event.

Flashback is shown where Pallavi comes back home saying Nick will be surprised to see me early. Pallavi goes in the room to find Nick sleeping and alcohol glass with lipstick. Sonali comes wrapped in towel shocking Pallavi. Nick wakes up and tries to explain but he feels dizzy. Pallavi cries and goes. Later, it’s shown they divide the kids. Flashback ends. Next day, Nandita wakes Harsh. Harsh says I am not interested in Pallavi now. Nandita says you will just let go of our whole plan, I won’t let you give up, will you let Pallavi win?

Here, Nani comes to Pallavi and says the landline connection has come. Nani asks what about her and Nick’s connection? Pallavi says what? Nani says what did he say about custody? Pallavi says he won’t back off. Nani says everything can be sorted by talking. Pallavi says if that was true then we would have never separated, which mother wants her kids to get divided? Pallavi gets emotional. Here, Nandita says you went through a lot due to that Pallavi and your childhood was ruined, how can you give up? Harsh says I won’t go back to that house. Nandita says Nick has given so much to that family, if now he gives anything to them then it will be our fault, I want everything to go to you, you are the eldest son, you want Pallavi and her kids to win? Harsh looks on with anger.

Nani and kids are eating Pizza. Nani says let’s put dhaniya chutney on pizza. Badal jokes on her choice. Nani says Nick used to make patiala chicken pizza for me. They all laugh and enjoy. Pallavi looks them from far and enjoys. Badal sees her and says I would have accompanied you for vegetables. Pallavi says you all were so tired yesterday so I thought of going. Barkha feeds pizza to Pallavi. Mana gives a head massage to her. Pallavi gets emotional seeing all her kids care for her. Badal asks why are you crying? Pallavi says I am happy to see you all together.

Barkha and Gagn apologise to Pallavi and say we shouldn’t have left and should have stayed when you asked us to. They call themselves selfish and not thought of the family. Pallavi says something is good in everything that happens. Pallavi says now I am happy, I feel after yesterday all my kids returned by their own will. They all hug each other. Nani says someone else also wants to apologies to you. They all see Harsh. Harsh stands on the door. Gagan holds his collar and scolds him. Everyone stops Gagan. Pallavi asks them all to calm. Pallavi says Harsh you wanted us out of here, but none of us wanted you to go out, you are still part of the family. Harsh says I don’t have any will to come back but I don’t give up in any fight. Pallavi says this is not a fight, it’s your home, a family lives here. Pallavi says if you are here to fight then I won’t let that happen.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nick and Pallavi ask Mana ans Barkha to tie rakhi to Harsh. Nani and Dadi talk about Nick and Pallavi’s connection.

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