Appnapan 18th July 2022 Written Update: Nick and Nandita plan against Pallavi!


Appnapan 18th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pallavi saying you can’t smoke as it’s dangerous to health and your sister Barkha has aasthama. Harsh looks on. Barkha comes to ask Pallavi to help her in shifting. In the restaurant Lolita sees the staff seeing some video of Pallavi and they inform everyone is saying Pallavi went to meet Vishal in a hotel. Some customers also see the video and comment on Pallavi. The staff says someone said Vishal proposed to Pallavi and Pallavi has a loose character. Lolita asks them to work. Lolita thinks what is Pallavi doing and what is happening? This is some serious mess.

 Lolita tries calling Pallavi but she is busy serving ber kids. Gagan and Harsh have small taunt sessions. Barkha also tries to show off Mana but she shows how she is unaffected. Lolita calls Pallavi again and again but Pallavi doesn’t see it. Pallavi thanks god for this moment. Mana loves the food and compliments it. Pallavi says for dinner let’s make chole bature. Barkha says it’s too oily. Mana says I love it. Nani says let’s vote. Mana and Harsh vote for chole bature. Barkha and Gagan vote against. Badal is the deciding factor when he also says he likes it. Harsh smirks while Gagan gets upset. Pallavi says so done it’s final.

Pallavi complains about her phone getting discharged. Someone rings the bell so Harsh goes and hides the packet. Dadi sees it and feels wierd. Harsh says it was no one someone came to the wrong address. Nani thinks what’s wrong. Harsh goes upstairs. Others also leave. Pallavi asks Nani what’s she is thinking? Nani says I am telling you not to trust Harsh too much. Pallavi says he is our kid, if I don’t trust him then how will I win him? Nani says okay.

Nick is angry and is shocked how Harsh went when he hates her. Nandita fills his ears against Pallavi. Nandita asks Nick to take some strong legal action, let your lawyers talk to her, we need Mana and Harsh back. Nick says no, we will get all 5 of them to us. Nick says let Pallavi be with Ranveer and I will have all my kids. Nandita smirks and thinks it will be fun. Here, Lolita worries about Nick seeing the video and thinking he might terminate Pallavi.

Just then Nick comes and she collides with her. Nick is in bad mood so Lolita thinks he has seen the video. Lolita tries to say how we should understand Pallavi’s side too. Nick thinks Lolita is defending Harsh being with Pallavi. Lolita says this might be misleading video. Nick says what video? Lolita gets relieved thinking he hasn’t seen it so she lies saying it’s a video of Pallavi dancing. Nick thinks Pallavi is going too modern.

Later, Pallavi comes and tells everyone what to do but no one obeys her. Pallavi finds it wierd and asks what’s wrong? Shambu says everyone is saying they will take only Nick’s order. Pallavi scolds him. Another staff says this is not accepted here. Lolita takes Pallavi and shares the situation. Pallavi acts normal but then is shocked to see the video.

Here, Mana and Barkha sees someone’s birthday card and think it’s so fancy. Mana says I have never seen this fancy card in Meerut. Mana and Barkha start fighting about how Mana feels about Meerut. Harsh comes and calms them. Harsh says I have booked a private table with chef’s special in a five star. Badal says but mom is making chole bature. Harsh lures them all to say yes. They all go.

Badal tries to convince Mana and calm her. Mana says I expected this. Here, Pallavi thinks maybe Nick is doing all this. Lolita says as both your kids are with you so he must be angry. Pallavi says he must have done it. Lolita tries to defend Nick but Pallavi blames him. Pallavi says Nick wants to make me out because he knows about Ranveer. Lolita is surprised. Pallavi decides to talk to Nick.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pallavi goes to talk to Nick and sees him struggle she helps him when they get locked in the store room.

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