Appnapan 19th September 2022 Written Update: Badal makes a shocking request to Sonali!


Appnapan 19th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with everyone clicking pictures with Pallavi and Nick. Lolita comes to Sonali and Nandita and says wow sisters of Pallavi and Nick together, go have a picture clicked. Nandita says we are family, you go and take pictures. Lolita says to Sonali that you have come after so many years you should definitely go. Sonali says yes, but it’s very crowded so I will go bit later. Sonali and Nandita make faces. Lolita says Sonali don’t you agree that they are a godly jodi. Lolita goes while Nandita says what’s her problem. Here, Nimmi is making a fuss while Barkha comes and tries to convince her. Nimmi says you can make Ishan dance on your fingers but not me, she leaves. Barkha worries thinking Ishan and Mana both are missing, are they together? She worries.

Here, Sonali tells Nandita that she created a scene because Mana doubted her and she would have told Nick about the rings taken by me. Nandita says if Nick would have known that you did the drama of waiter then he would have thrown you out. Sonali says see them, you can see the separation pain I have created in Pallavi and Nick’s relationship even after 18 years. Nandita says don’t lose your calm and do things wisely. Sonali says just two days more then Pallavi will be out of picture. Nandita asks Sonali to go and socialise. Sonali says yes you are least liked person in this family. Sonali goes.

Here, Mana comes inside her room and sees Ishan. Ishan grabs her hand and says I know there is things between us, we share feelings but you are ignoring me. Mana says why are you ignoring Barkha? Ishan says why are you bringing Barkha, that day we were almost kissing I know we have something between us. Mana says no. Ishan says I don’t believe this, I felt it. Barkha calls out for Mana and comes towards room while Mana requests Ishan to go away Barkha will come and see them together. Ishan says I won’t go anywhere, I will show to Barkha how I have nothing for Ishan. Mana requests Ishan and locks him in cupboard. Barkha comes and sees Mana smile.

Here, Sonali is seeing Pallavi and Nick from far and Badal comes to give her halwa. Sonali first says I don’t want it as it has high calories. Then Sonali realises what she said and apologies to Badal saying she doesn’t know how good food tastes. Badal says I understand, can you now tell me why Pallavi and Nick separated? Sonali looks at Pallavi. Pallavi worries seeing Badal with sonali. Pallavi thinks I will not let Sonali come near my kids especially Badal. Sonali tells Badal that I can’t comment on someone’s relationship. Pallavi is about to come to Badal when Gagan takes her to show something. Badal requests Sonali so she says sometimes couple change their feelings for each other but when one feels strongly for a person they should go towards them and approach them. Badal says Pallavi and Nick will also definitely approach each other. Sonali gets upset but ignores.

Here, Barkha asks Mana about Ishan. Mana says I don’t know. Barkha says I have seen you teo together so much in past few days, I want to know if you have any feelings for Ishan. Mana says not at all, Ishan is not my type. Barkha says better not be, as Ishan is someone I love, I don’t know why he is always with you nowadays. Mana says maybe because this time mistake is yours so you have to put in extra efforts. Barkha says but you are sure you don’t have anything for Ishan right? Mana says yes for sure. Ishan tries to come out. Here, Gagan takes Badal with him while Pallavi decides to talk to Sonali. Pallavi asks Sonali what she was saying to Badal? Sonali says Badal was asking me about you and Nick but I didn’t tell anything. Pallavi says you destroyed my family years ago why have you returned? Sonali pretends to be sorry.

Here, Barkha says how she has finally realised her mistake and wants Ishan. Mana says I will help you. Barkha says I am lucky to have a sister like you. Mana smiles. Ishan is shocked. Barkha goes. Ishan comes out and Mana requests him to stay away. Here, Pallavi asks Sonali to go away as what she did no sister can do to her sister. Sonali says I will leave for sure. Nick is heard saying some college story and Sonali looks at him smiling. Pallavi sees her and gets worried. Later, at night Nick has acidity so Pallavi says I knew it and I have kept your medicine in kitchen. Nick says I can do it on my own. Nick goes. Pallavi thinks Nick will not be able to find it so she goes to kitchen and finds Sonali in the kitchen with Nick.

Episode ends.

Precap – Dadi tells Nick that she is not getting a good feeling about Pallavi’s health. Pallavi gets sick and in trauma seeing Nick and Sonali together in kitchen.

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