Appnapan 20th July 2022 Written Update: Kids get disappointed learning about Ranveer’s marriage proposal to Pallavi


Appnapan 20th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pallavi lamenting about her marriage and divorce. She says that she missed Harsh and Mana very much and gets emotional. Nick says that they are with her now. Pallavi says that Nick has money while she has their kids yet they both are empty from inside. She wishes that everything could be fixed. She says that she’s tired. Gagan worries who will pay the bill as Harsh hasn’t come back. Mana says that she will pay the bill. Badal says that mom haven’t call any of them even once today. They all agree with him and get worried about Pallavi.

Pallavi says that she’s tired, she just wants to sleep. Nick sits next to her. Pallavi falls asleep resting her head on his shoulder. There Badal tells that Ranveer proposed Pallavi for marriage. They all get shocked hearing this. In the house Harsh messages Nandita that he got property papers. In the restaurant Mana asks if mom accepted Ranveer’s proposal. Badal says that mom didn’t refuse it. Nani is drunken and says that she is aware of this shocking. Badal and Gagan start fight over Ranveer’s marriage proposal for Pallavi. Mana leaves from there getting disappointed.

Pallavi wakes up and started to blame Nick. She asks what he gave her. Nick admits that he gave her Vodka to stop her talks. They hear a noise and think that a thief entered. Nick takes a stick and goes to check asking Pallavi to stay there. But Pallavi follows him taking mirchi box. Nick beats someone. Pallavi shouts when Nick hits her mistakenly. They argue. Shanky shouts. Mana is walking on the road. Ishan goes after her. He calls her out seeing a vehicle nearing Mana.

Nick apologizes realising that he beat Shanky. The latter says that he came to give Pallavi’s phone as it was keep ringing. Pallavi and Nick notice many missed calls. They leave getting shocked. Other hand Mana met with a minor accident. Harsh apologizes to Mana for leaving her alone. Just then Pallavi and Nick come and get concerned about Mana. The latter shout at them and asks them to leave. Harsh asks Mana what happened.

Mana says that mom is going to get married to Ranveer. Mana cries and asks Pallavi if family is a joke for her. Kids argue with Pallavi and ask why they want to get remarried with Ranveer. Nani comes and asks why she should get married. She supports Pallavi if she wants to marry Ranveer. Nani coughs. Pallavi gets worried for her. Nani asks Badal to take her to her room. Nick asks Pallavi to talk alone. Pallavi agrees. They go apart. Nick says that he wants to take Mana to the hotel as she is affected with her remarriage news. He asks Pallavi to talk to Mana about it.

 Vishal, who misnehaved with Pallavi come there. Pallavi asks Nick to fire him. Nick asks why he should fire his employee. Pallavi says that they both are together in this. Just then she hears Badal fighting with people for badmouthing Pallavi. The latter stops Badal and asks if she trusts her. Badal says yes. She says then to not bother about their talk and walk with his chin up. Nick thinks that Pallavi blamed him for defaming her and gets determined to find the truth.

Later Nick asks Vishal about calling Pallavi to the hotel room. Vishal says that Pallavi is interested on him, so she has come to his room. He says that Pallavi has a loose character. Ranveer hits Vishal for badmouthing Pallavi. Nick stops Ranveer. Nick scolds Ranveer and asks him to get out. Ranveer leaves.

The episode ends.

Precap: A lady speaks ill of Pallavi’s character. Ram says that he won’t tolerate this type of talks for any woman. Nick says to Ram to call down and to not interfere in this.

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