Appnapan 21st July 2022 Written Update: Ishan to tell Vedika the truth!


Appnapan 21st July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Barkha and Badal coming to the hall. Shanky also comes. Pallavi double checks with Mana and Lolita. Ram and Adi come to help Pallavi. Adi and all goes. Ram and Pallavi are there. The guests talk about Pallavi being in that hotel video. Ram thinks how can they talk so rudely. Pallavi asks him to ignore. Pallavi asks about Ram. Ram says she is in wheelchair, a plant pot fell on her feet. Nick talks to Priya and Ram feels jealous of them. Ram asks doesn’t he have any wife or anyone. Pallavi says he had and i was it. Ram apologies.

Ram goes to greet the minister. Nick comes to greet them too. Minister recognises him. They go inside. Ram says I met your wife. Nick says ex wife and i will handle it. Ram looks on. Pihu announces that I will dance with my partner and do same steps. Pallavi comes and sits with Priya. Pallavi asks Priya how is she. Pallavi says not well. Here, Ram tells Adi and Brinda how this is what someone who is evil looks like. Pihu comes and says come and dance with me. Ram thinks it will be so humiliating.

The song plays and Ram thinks it’s my song. They dance on it. Nick and Pallavi look at each other and so does Ram and Priya. Everyone joins them and enjoy. Everyone claps for them.

Vikrant’s parents take Sara away. Shubham thinks to talk to the minister. Vedika sees Ishan who gets dizzy. Ram asks Pihu how was the dance. Pihu looks for Priya so he helps him. Vishal sees Pallavi from far and thinks to do some big this time. Everyone dances and enjoy. Barkha gets jealous seeing Ishan with Amira. Everyone joins the Kapoor.

Vedika goes to Ishan to handle him. Vedika says let me help you. Vedika thinks my plan is working. Vedika says I am not that bad, I am always blamed. Ishan says I am the culprit, I destroyed everyone’s life. Vedika says why are you saying this?

Ishan remembers Shivi’s incident. He goes. Ram helps Pihu in finding Priya. Vedika goes following Ishan and tries to take out things inside of him. Pihu tells Ram that Priya told the steps to you right? Ram says don’t give my credit to Priya. Ishan says Priya has not done anything wrong, she is very good, you are not. Ishan says it was not Priya it was me who did it. Ishan goes. Vedika aslo goes.

Here, Nandita and Harsh come. Mana signs Badal to bring pallavi and she calls Nick. Everyone make them dance. Barkha worries thinking nothing bad drama happens. Nandita and Harsh smirk. Guests also taunt them.

Ishan’s aunt taunt Pallavi infront of all and questions his characters. Pallavi says leave about me and enjoy. Pallavi asks her to cut the cake. Barkha wishes Nimmi bua. Bua says. Thanks for breaking the rishta, you didn’t become our family’s part. Meera feels bad. Bua taunts Barkha on Pallavi’s life.

Nani says don’t taunt my Barkha. Bua says you family is full of dramas only. Bua shows Nani the video of Pallavi. Everyone gets shocked. Pallavi says people who know me don’t care about this. Pallavi goes. Pihu comes and tells Meera she is sleepy. They leave. Nick is enjoying with Vishal. Pallavi sees them and thinks it was his plan only.

Pallavi says the man who humiliated me you are enjoying with him? Nick says don’t blame him. He goes. Ram comes to console Pallavi. Pallavi hides her tears. Later, Ram gives a speech on marriage and how trust and love is important. Nick doesn’t agrees everyone praises his speech. He toasts to Vikrant and Sara. Nick comes and contradicts it. Bua says see the video. Ram says I can see this for anyone. Nick says chill. Pallavi cries.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nick hits Vishal and gives him warning. The kids also promote it. They hug Nick.

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