Appnapan 21st June 2022 Written Update: Nani makes a shocking request to Nick!


Appnapan 21st June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nick hearing Pallavi’s voice and turns around but Pallavi leaves by then. On the way, Pallavi tries asking Badal why he leaked papers? You are wisest of all. Badal says I did it. Pallavi is shocked. They reach Badal’s college. Here, Nani tries to serve food to Ishan’s family when Ishan’s aunt gets up and says we didn’t come here for food, but Pallavi went from here. They start to leave. Nani and Barkha try to stop them but they leave. Ishan says let me convince them again, there is no use of trying to talk to them. Barkha cries and goes into washroom.

Nick sees her and knocks on the door. Barkha cries and gets upset. Barkha comes out and says to Nick my mom didn’t think of me even once and left and my dad never showed up. Nick says maybe she had some reason many a times it’s difficult for the parents too. Barkha cries and leaves. Nick turns and sees Nani from far. Nick gets emotional. Shanky comes and says car is here. Ranjeet asks Nani if she needs anything? Nani says lemon water. Ranjeet and Nani go to kitchen. Ranjeet asks you want to eat something. Nick comes and says chilli chicken.

Nani gets emotional seeing Nick. Nick hugs Nani. Here, Badal tries to explain Pallavi how they were compromising on everything so I thought to contribute. Pallavi slaps him and cries on how her parental is questioned and Badal did a crime. Badal tries to explain but Pallavi goes. Here, Nani compliments Nick’s chilli chicken.

Nick says Barkha had messaged me, how is she? She looks like me? Nani says she is stubborn and has allergies like you. Nani says but today it was a very sad say for her. Nick asks why? Barkha asks Ranveer about Nani. Ranveer says she is meeting some investors, you go home. Barkha says I am going to go with her she goes.

Barkha goes into kitchen and says Nani let’s go home. Nick gets emotional and turns around. Barkha says thank you for cooking for Nani. Nick remembers Barkha’s childhood and how he played with her. Nick goes near Barkha but then controls himself and leaves. He goes. Barkha feels a connection and asks Nani who is he? Nani says he knows me so he cooked chilli chicken for me. Nani gets emotional and Barkha realises it’s her dad.

Here, Principal says Gagan proved that Badal is innocence, we are sorry to borther you. Pallavi says no sir it’s Badal’s fault. Gagan tries to intervene when Badal stops him and says I only guessed the questions for students. Principal warns Badal and says how he can get rustricated. Barkha goes out and sees Nick. Barkha hugs Nick and gets emotional.

Nick says let me drop you both home. They both sit in Nick’s car. Pallavi, Badal and Gagan come home when neighbours start questioning about what happened about Barkha’s relation. Seeing Pallavi disturbed the neighbours gossip about some problem. At home, Gagan calls Pallavi selfish and how he ruined Badal and Barkha’s life, because all she wants is everything to be according to her. Pallavi tries to call Nani and Barkha but no one picks up.

On the way, Barkha tells Nick about the situation. Nick says Pallavi always ruins things. Barkha says you always fix things Nani says, can you help me? Nick says your mom has taken all decisions for you till today so today also she will. Barkha says so no one will think about me, there are many divorces but what happened that you never tried to meet me?

 Nick says we are at your home. Barkha goes from car. Nick tries to stop her when neighbours taunts Barkha and her characters. Nani says I didn’t expect this from you. Nick says what happened between me and Pallavi was not normal and who are these neighbours. Nani says they are no one but yours and Pallavi’s decisions have now started affecting kids, so you have to do something. Nick leaves while Nani looks.

 Barkha goes into her room when Pallavi comes in and says I will request them and talk to them again please trust me I didn’t mean to do it, it was some urgency at Badal’s school. Barkha gets calm and trusts Pallavi.

Pallavi and Barkha are on the way and Barkha says how she will talk wisely and convince them, they will understand I went for Badal. Here, Ishan’s family talk how the family is weird and they should reconsider their decision. Bell rings and Nick comes to their house. Nick introduces himself as Barkha’s dad.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pallavi comes to Ishan’s house and finds Nick. Ishan’s aunt insists on taking a family pick with Nick and Pallavi side by side. Pallavi is shocked. Later, Pallavi asks Nick to leave when Nick says Barkha called him.

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