Appnapan 22nd July 2022 Written Update: Nandita breaks a shocking news to Pallavi!


Appnapan 22nd July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Vishal trying to run away. Barkha, Badal and Gagan stop him from running. Barkha says how dare you. Vishal says she deserved it. Nick again beats him and says you again tried to escape? Vishal says I did with someone who deserved it. Nandita stops Harsh from going to beat Vishal. The kids ask Nick to hit him. Harsh also asks Nick to beat him. Nick says you have no right to do wrong with Pallavi. Nick hits him and says I will not allow anyone to do this with any girl as I have two daughters. Nick handovers him to police. The kids hug him. Harsh and Pallavi share eye contact. Nani praises Nick. Pallavi gets emotional. Nandita says to Harsh that do high intensity drama. Harsh says buy we don’t want to ruin Pallavi’s reputation. Nandita says yes but we should hurry up. Pallavi goes and Lolita follows her. The waiter gives them cold drink.

Pallavi thinks I am sorry to think wrongly of you Nick. Lolita says it’s perfect movie with Ranveer and Nick ad heroes. Nandita thinks just wait and see Pallavi what Harsh does. Later, Pallavi is making arrangements when Adhiraj comes and introduces himself as a big lawyer. Pallavi says hi so what? Adhiraj says now you will need me for your custody of Badal and Gagan who are underage. Nandita comes and sees you will soon get the papers. Pallavi says but me and Nick decided. Nandita says court doesn’t rely on these kind of decisions and now Mana and Harsh are with you. Pallavi says no. Nandita says just because Nick supported you in the video matter you think we will let this go. Pallavi goes.

Pallavi comes to room and tries to find the papers of custody but is unable to find it. She panics and Nani tries to calm her but Pallavi says I am not a good mother that is why my kids are going away from me. Nani cries and asks Pallavi to stop it god won’t be giving you punishments, Nick won’t do anything, I can’t see you like this. Pallavi says I am sorry. Nani says I am your mom and I know you are best mom in the world, don’t panic and question this. Pallavi promises.

Nani also tries to find the cupboard and finds the file but sees it is empty. Nani finds the other medical file also empty. Here, Gagan and Badal depict the scene of Vishal and Nick fighting. They say it was so amazing. Harsh calls it Bollywood hangover. Mana says you want black coffee? Harsh says yes. Pallavi comes to Badal and Gagan. Gagan says you did one thing wrong, you should have told us about Vishal. Barkha says the thing about Ranveer proposing you is true or false? Please tell me it’s not true. Nani says it’s true. Pallavi says it’s complicated. Gagan says what is the matter? Nani says Ranveer wants to marry Pallavi, say yes. Pallavi says no.

Mana says I should have come infront of Ranveer. Harsh says another marriage means another reason for giving away the kids. Pallavi says I won’t say yes, my family and kids are everything for me. Mana says really? Pallavi says yes. Everyone hugs Pallavi. Pallavi asks Harsh to join too. Nani asks to click a picture. She clicks the picture of them all. Barkha says I am uploading it. They all fight on who will upload. They all go. Harsh listens to Nani and Pallavi talk about all files being empty, who could take it out. Pallavi says who can do that, it must be somewhere. Pallavi sees the picture and says I can do anything to protect my family.

Pallavi thinks of all the moment with Nick. She thinks he hurts me and protects me too, what does he want? Pallavi cries. Later, Pallavi says thanks for understanding Ranveer. Ranveer says I know your answer just don’t say something that will break me as I am not prepared for it. Pallavi says I know. Ranveer says just remember I am your friend first. Pallavi says you got the cake, come inside. Pallavi says it’s 12 let’s wake everyone. Pallavi beats the plate and utensils. All the kids get upset and wake up. They are angered by seeing Ranveer with Pallavi. Here, Nick thinks of Pallavi and says I can’t tolerate anyone looking at you or troubling you.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pallavi and kids celebrate Nani’s birthday. Nick tells Shanky that this time I will celebrate with my kids. Pallavi asks Ranveer to accompany him to the lawyers.

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