Appnapan 25th July 2022 Written Update: Pallavi struggles to find the right lawyer!


Appnapan 25th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nick remembering her fights with Pallavi. Then she remembers past on how Pallavi worked for Mr. Jai Singh and Nick calls her. The servants ask Pallavi to go to meet Nick. Nick decorates the room and surprises her. Pallavi reacts on the dirt spilled. Nick says chill, I am proposing marriage to you. Pallavi gets shocked. Nick gets close to him. Nick gets a call and Pallavi says it must be Anjali. Nick says it’s Neetu.

Nick picks the call and says you don’t call me as Pallavi my wife doesn’t like all this and is possessive for me. Pallavi says really you are serious? Nick says yes see all this is for you. Pallavi enjoys the cupcake and eats it fast. Nick asks her to slow down. Nick says you ate it all, I had a ring inside it for you. They panic and then laugh. Nick gets emotional thinking about it.

Here, the kids and Pallavi wait for Nani. Pallavi says why she isn’t here yet. Nani comes and everyone sits. Harsh comes to Ranveer and says I heard you are interested in becoming our dad. Ranveer says I felt something for Pallavi and expressed it. Harsh says don’t cross the limit. Mana comes and cools him off. Mana says come and cool down let’s celebrate Nani’s birthday. Mana thanks Ranveer for bringing the cake. They all get excited and open the cake.

Nani goes to Ranveer and says I heard she said no. Ranveer says yes, but I will not give up. Nani says yes exactly, good boy. Harsh thinks yesterday so much happened still they are all happy. Harsh starts to stand so Nani says come cut the cake with me, when you were a child you always wanted to cut it with me. Harsh says now I am an adult so you should cut it. Nani cuts the cake and feeds everyone. She drinks and everyone dances. Harsh looks on.

Later, Pallavi asks Ranveer a favour to accompany her to lawyer. Next day, lawyer tells Pallavi and Ranveer that your kids are old enough to decide if they want to stay with mom or they need her. Pallavi says mom is always needed by the kids. Lawyer focuses on the food and asks Pallavi not to get emotional. Pallavi says you should give us legal solution. Ranveer calms Pallavi. Lawyer says you must be having medical insurance of 20,000 for your kids. Pallavi remembers her savings. Pallavi says yes I have. Lawyer says your husband has insurance of 20 lakhs. Pallavi remembers how Mana said about best doctors treating her.

Lawyer says your husband will win with his money and your kids will select him only. Pallavi says what kind of lawyer are you? You gave up even before fighting. Lawyer asks her to calm down. Pallavi gets angry and goes. Pallavi asks Ranveer to find a good lawyer as she wants her kids. Ranveer says I know, I will take care of it. Pallavi thanks him.

Here, Shanky congratulates Nick on gold award for chefs. Nick says it’s the biggest award. Shanky says so what are your plans to celebrate? Or like all the time the boring Nick will not celebrate? Nick says this time I will celebrate. Nick remembers his kids and says I will celebrate with my family. Shanky says wow that’s surprising, you never celebrated in USA. Nick says but I have my family here, they are all together, I will celebrate with them.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nandita asks Harsh to fasten their plan. Harsh says yes Pallavi will loose many things. Pallavi sees Harsh with legal papers and thinks he stole her papers.

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