Appnapan 26th August 2022 Written Update: Nandita provokes Ranveer


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The episode starts with Gangan takes group photo of family members. Nanditha comes there and claps. She mentions them as happy and perfect family. No one’s evil eyes fall on their family. She shares to them this photo didn’t come out well because of her. Nick fears that Nandita may confess all truth to mom. Dhadhi tells her that she knew well why did she here? Nandita tells her that she is her mom so she can able to understand her well. Dhadi asks her where is Thaali for Rakshabandan? Pallavi tells her that she asked her to arrange Thaali for her. Whom will forget to tie Rakhi on their hand. She finishes the rituals there. Nandita asks him what’s this all? He warns her don’t she dare to confess the truth to mom. She tells him she won’t do like this but there is chance someone will do that.

Neighbour comes there and asks Pallavi what’s this? Why did she staying with Nick again? Doesn’t she agreed to marry Ranveer? Everyone gets shocked to hear it. Dadhi asks her what’s she blabbering here? Nandita reminds how did her car got break down. She was worrying about her situation. She didn’t liked the way Nick staying with Pallavi. She heard Neighbours were discussing about Pallavi and Ranveer’s relationships. Nandita provokes the neighbour to ask Pallavi about this straight instead of back biting. Neighbour decided to question her doesn’t she promised to marry Ranveer then why did she let Nick stay with her.

Neighbour says to Pallavi that all are worrying about her marriage with Ranveer but what are they doing here? Dhadi asks her what’s she saying? Nick tells her it’s family function so all are here. Dhadhi asks her who is she? She introduces her as neighbour of her. Nick says to her Dhadhi is his mom. Bharkha tells her that all are here because today is Raksha bandhan. Nani tells her today is function so his son in law staying here where will he go? Everyone asks her to leave. Neighbour again asks her why did Nick staying with her after their marriage broken and gonna marry Ranveer? Dhadhi asks her what’s this? Who is Ranveer and whose marriage broken? She asks Pallavi Is she gonna marry again?Mana says to them it’s enough she might reveal the truth to all. She whispered to Dhadhi that this neighbor used to trouble others because she is mentally sick. She tells her that why she is sharing such things to her. Dhadhi says to her she might talk with her nicely. Dhadi asks her to take a seat. Pallavi’s son and daughter makes her confused with their random talks and topic. She gets confused and agrees to their words. Dhadhi asks her to do meditation and tablets on time. She shouldn’t come out like this alone. She nods to her and leaves.

Nandita thinks that she might bring out the truth. She wanna proceed her next plan. Meanwhile Pallavi cooking for all there. Dhadhi gifts bangles to her. She tells her it’s her love and blessings for Pallavi. Nandita notices this. Pallavi asks her to stop talking about death. Dhadhi praises her that bangle looks good on her hand. Nandita pretends like coughing to interrupt thete conversation. Nandita lies to her that something stuck on her throat. She is leaving from there. Dhadhi demands her to leave them. Pallavi asks her to drink tea but Nandita tells her she don’t need her tea. Dhadhi asks her to leave from there. Pallavi tells her that she is her daughter she is expecting her to love her too. Dhadhi tells her that she is her daughter and well aware of her character. She asks her to give samosa to her. She denies it reasoning it’s for kids.

Meanwhile Mana shares to Bharkha she is happy to see finally they are staying together like a family. She gets a phone call from Ishaan. She talks with him about the incident happened today. Bharkha tries to get his attention and he finally waves at her. Mana tells him that she looks good in this color dress. He nods with her. He disconnects the call. Mana says to Bharkha that she gonna share this matter to all her friends. Bharkha thinks that Ishaan didn’t asked about het health.

Later Ranveer comes to meet Nandita. She apologized to him behalf of Nick for loosing his job because of Nick. He tells her that he don’t mind. She asks him what did he decided about his marriage life with Pallavi? He says to her why did she so considered about her. He reminds about his conversation of his with Pallavi. Nandita pretends like she really cares for Pallavi and provoked him to take any steps to marry Pallavi asap. Nandita says to him that many are talking behind her back about their relationship. All are doubting whether she has interest on him or not? He tells her how could he give pressure to her when manything going on in her life. She manipulates him. Nandita thinks that if he opens this matter to all then all truth will be out.

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