Appnapan 26th July 2022 Written Update: Nick and Pallavi have a big misunderstanding!


Appnapan 26th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nick asking Shanky to arrange for a big family dinner and if Pallavi wants to coms then she can come too. Shanky says wow, so your heart is melting. Nick says shut up, please arrange the dinner. Shanky says Meerut has made you a family man, like what you did last night you got the best husband award. Nick says I feel Pallavi wanted to talk to me about something.

 Shanky says maybe I know what she wants to say. Nick says what? Shanky says Lolita said Pallavi said no to Ranveer. Nick gets happy with it but hides it and says so what should I do? Let her marry, I don’t care. Shanky says you need an acting award as well. Barkha is about to fall when Nishu saves her. Mana gets irritated. Barkha smirks. Here, Ishan tells Mana what if my story ends up sad, I am waiting from so long, my patience is getting over. Mana says she will get convinced. Gagan comes with retro avataar and starts dancing and singing. Mana laughs.

Nishu says way to go. Gagan says we have to take our Bollywood avatar. Again Barkha falls and this time in Nishu’s arms. Ishan gets jealous. Barkha thanks him. Nishu says I do gyming. Then Badal comes with props and sings. Nishu says everyone is another item. Nishu dances with Mana. Mana asks Nishu to go to Barkha. He dances with Barkha. Gagan sees it and says he is flirting with both our sisters, this is not right. Badal asks him to calm.

Nick is doing his photoshoot and the photographer directs him. Shanky asks Nick to smile and coordinate. Nick gets irritated by so much make up and change. Nick says Shanky my stomach is aching, please help. Shanky says just control. Pallavi sees Nick get ready and she thinks do as much show off as you want. Nick is surprised seeing Pallavi angry. Lolita stops Pallavi and asks her what’s the issue? Pallavi says giving me threats of custody now he is doing all this.

 Lolita says are you sure he did it? As he was so helpful. Pallavi says he acted like a villian after that. Lolita asks Pallavi to talk to Nick and sort it and not to behave like kids. Shanky comes to Nick and says maybe Pallavi is upset. Nick says let her be, she is always angry.  Shanky tries to calm Nick while Lolita calms Pallavi. Pallavi comes to Nick and the photographer asks them to smile. Lolita says come on for the photoshoot. Nick and Pallavi smile and celebrate by cutting the cake. Photographer says sir has got award it’s so nice. Pallavi says he gets award or else he snatches.

 Nick and Pallavi start fighting. Shanky comes in between and says Nick just wants to take the kids. Pallavi thinks he is asking for the custody. Lolita says kids will not go. Nick thinks Pallavi is so arrogant. Shanky and Lolita fight so Nick and Pallavi keep them aside and start fighting themselves. Pallavi says there is no use to talk to him. Pallavi says we will see you in court. Nandita comes and says sure dear. Pallavi goes. Nick asks Nandita what is she talking about court? Nandita says I don’t know.

Nick tells Shanky I want my kids, I will take them for party. Here, Harsh gets call from Nandita how Nick doesn’t know about the custody but Pallavi knows. Harsh says what if she talks to Nick? Nandita says Pallavi will go to any extent to win the custody but due to her ego she will not talk to Nick, but before the misunderstandings get clear I want the plan to happen so do it first.

Harsh says great work, this will be the best revenge for Pallavi.  Nandita cuts the call and thinks Nick and Pallavi doesn’t talk so this is their weakness and I will make this Harsh’s strength. Harsh throws a dart on Pallavi’s picture.

Here, lawyer tells Pallavi that she is not suitable for economically handling 5 children and you lost the shares as well. Pallavi says I can handle. Lawyer scolds a peon. Lawyer says all this matter in court so kids will go to Nick only. Pallavi says you are just increasing my issues. Lawyer says you should get married, then you can win it. Pallavi says it’s not a solution. Lawyer says this is the only solution. Lawyer asks Pallavi to make him meet her mom. Pallavi says today is not possible as it’s her birthday.

Later, all the kids dance in a retro outfit. Nick and Nani walk. Nani says I am happy I went to temple and met you. Nani gets call from Pallavi. Pallavi asks if everything is good? Nick signs her not to tell Pallavi. Nani says everything is good. Call ends and Nani says you made me lie to Pallavi. Nick gives Nani chilly chicken. Nick says why are you scared of Pallavi.

 Nani says it’s not like that I am not scared. Nani says how she is worried about custody and is meeting lawyers. Nick says custody? Nani asks him to talk to her. Nick says she is always upset. Nick says I will talk to her today.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pallavi worries and panics for not finding a lawyer. Nick parties with Nani and the kids.

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