Appnapan 27th July 2022 Written Update: Kids fight and break Nick’s award!


Appnapan 27th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pallavi venting out how she is always tested in life and I lose. Pallavi says god is always making it mote difficult, I just got happy for sometime and then again this, I always knew what to do as I am strong headed but today I fell weak, I am afraid to lose my kids whom I have raised. Lolita hugs Pallavi and calms her. Here, the kids dance in retro theme.

Pallavi says I have lost so much that I feel I am losing being a mom, everyone is telling me to marry. Pallavi says I want to be strong. Lolita sats let’s go and talk to Nick. Pallavi says talking can’t be done with Nick. Lolita says big things can get sorted with talking calmly. Pallavi says in hatred it doesn’t happen, I used to love Nick so much at a point and now I hate him and that is all that’s left between us. Pallavi says I thought to let it go but at that point something like this happens. Lolita says we will find a solution don’t worry. Pallavi says we will have to get strong for finding a solution.

Barkha flirts with Sid and he also flirts back. Sid says I always get heartbroken, a girl is ignoring me from so long. Ishan watches them from far. Barkha says Mana must have asked Ishan to become a villian. Ishan thinks how can one person flirt with two girls. Mana says he is a looser come. Ishan says he is lucky to be with Barkha.

Courier comes and Mana takes it. Everyone starts playing while Mana says this is mine, mom gave to me. Barkha sees Mana and starts throwing it more. Mana gets upset and sits. Badal tries to get it for Mana but fails. Everyone throws it and the packet falls and a voice of breaking comes. Everyone worries and thinks to see it. Mana says you all knew it was for me so you did it. They open it and find a broken award. They worry that Nick’s award.

Nick and Nani come. Nani scolds the kids for not behaving properly when he came to celebrate with you. The kids say sorry to Nick. Nick says what sorry? People dream about these awards but never get it. He gets upset. Here, Pallavi is with Ranveer and says I can’t lose the kids. Ranveer says it won’t happen, let’s go home and celebrate Nani’s birthday. Pallavi agrees. Harsh also comes there with the papers. He asks someone to do the paper work fast. While Pallavi and Ranveer are nearby with a lawyer.

Here, Nick says this was fun for you? Badal says sorry. Nani says we should make life fun. The kids gets shocked. Nani and Nick laugh and say let’s have fun. The kids sit and ask if Nick is really not angry? Nick says no kids always have fun and play so what if the award broke. They laugh.

Here, Pallavi and Ranveer miss to see Harsh. Nani says let’s start the party. Nick says yes the party decoration and theme is amazing. Barkha says you can’t attend this party. Gagan says yes you can’t. Sid says but he is so cool. Nick says what’s the issue? Nani says what is this behaviour. Barkha says we will do what we decided. Barkha says if you want to join the party then dress for it. They all laugh. Harsh comes and thinks this is their last party let them be happy due to Miss Pallavi Gulati. They all dance and enjoy. Harsh comes inside and gets upset.

Mana comes to him and says Nick is so happy here. Harsh says Nick was never a dad for us, they never even met us and see here he is so happy, he was not happy with us and didn’t remember our birthday. Mana says but dad has changed. Harsh says they are outsiders. Mana says no, and we are staying like a normal family atleast, please let’s enjoy the moment. Harsh is angry seeing Nick and Nani enjoy drinks. Nick says I am happy to be among my kids. Harsh thinks everything is changing and suffering all due to Pallavi, I won’t let this happen.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nandita asks Harsh to keep Nick and Pallavi separate. Pallavi sees Nick and wonders that he is showing so much good things will he take me to court for custody?

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