Appnapan 28th July 2022 Written Update: Mana spots Ranveer get close to Pallavi!


Appnapan 28th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nick seeing Harsh and asking him where he was? Nick asks what is the paper about? Harsh says just research material. Nick takes drink just then Harsh says For me too, it’s Nani’s birthday. Nick agrees and gives drinks. Nick goes and Ishan comes and Harsh says suggest me what to wear for the theme. Ishan there is no use see I am all dressed up but I am still out.

Harsh says I have simple rule if someone hurts you then hurt them more, but it is not applicable here as Barkha is my sister and I am protective of my sisters. They cheers when Nick comes and says cheers. Harsh goes while Nick is about to look at the file when Harsh comes and says I forgot about it.

They all dance. Pallavi and Ranveer comes and Nick still dances. Pallavi gets upset and asks Nani today is your birthday and I am fighting to keep them from him but you have him here? Nick says they are my kids too so I am partying with them. Pallavi says don’t try to be oversmart. Nick says did you get these kids on your own? They all laugh. Pallavi says I won’t let you win. Nick says this is the issue in talking with you it always ends in fight. Nani comes and says today is my day so no fighting.

Ranveer greets her. They all go to have dinner. Nick gives Nani all her favourite dishes. Pallavi is upset and notices. Nani says wow so many of my favourite dishes. Ranveer feels Pallavi is upset and touches her hand to calm her. Mana watches this and gets sad. Nick and the kids talk about everyone’s favourite dish. Nick says how the kids helped him with the dishes. Pallavi says Gagan and Barkha I have never seen you in kitchen. Barkha says but we learnt today. They laugh. Pallavi thinks Nick is making the kids side with him. Pallavi remembers lawyer’s words. Pallavi doesn’t it and Nick sees it while Ranveer gives Pallavi food.

Harsh gets a call so he gets up. Nick says where is your manners? Harsh says you are talking about manners? You came to this house uninvited and specially against the owner of the house that is mom, she could have asked you to go but you still came. Harsh goes. Nani thinks how does Harsh knows the house is in Pallavi’s name? Nani says I need to talk to you Pallavi about Harsh. Pallavi says first time Harsh called me mom for the first time in ages.

Harsh come to room and talks to Nandita and says how everything is heated up. Nandita says I am so happy everything is going as per plan. Harsh says Nick came here and Pallavi is so upset. Nandita says what? Nick is there? Please don’t let the misunderstanding get cleared. Harsh says don’t worry. Nandita says good.

Sid starts his blog and focuses on him being from the USA. Nick says he emphasis so much on USA. They all laugh. Everyone asks Nick to share his memory of Nani. Nick says when I had BP and Pallavi didn’t let me have oily food Nani used to give me oily paneer pakoda. They laugh and Pallavi says that is why you still have BP. They all laugh. Pallavi and Ranveer talk Nick is behaving so different maybe he doesn’t want the custody, we should clarify. Pallavi also doubts it. Then they all get picture clicked. Gagan says the picture is so amazing this phone I also wanted but couldn’t get on EMI. Nick gives him the phone. Pallavi gets upset and goes to give the phone back. Nick says he is my son too.

Nani calms them and asks Pallavi to bring desert. Pallavi serves desert when Nick praises Barkha’s idea of theme and asks her to pursue some course in new york of event management. Pallavi says no need. Nick says I know you have issues with me so talk to me don’t let our kids get affected.  Pallavi is upset when Ranveer says maybe you should talk to him calmly about custody case. Pallavi says you don’t know Nick like me. Nick gives everyone gifts. Pallavi fumes in anger and takes him aside. Harsh smirks.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pallavi says I have taken a decision. Nick says again you must have taken some selfish decision. Everyone is shocked.

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