Appnapan 28th June 2022 Written Update: Nandita uses Harsh for her benefit!


Appnapan 28th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pallavi making Barkha understand how they have to see for family. Barkha says which family? You ruined our family, now I don’t know what is family. Badal tries to stop but Barkha says no one cares who is alive or dead. Ishan comes and says I will handle everything, just calm down. Barkha says I don’t know if I love you more or hate my family more, I don’t know if I am marrying you for what? Pallavi tries to calm her and explain Ishan’s parents that she is talking like this because she is worried. Nani asks Pallavi to go to Gagan. It is raining, Pallavi requests a rickshaw person to offer ride. Pallavi pays extra and reaches police station. Pallavi hits Gagan for stealing. Police says Nick complained. Pallavi gets angry, just then Nick comes.

Nick explains how he didn’t send Gagan to jail. Pallavi says inspector said. Nick goes to take the complaint back. Ranveer watches all this. Police says I can’t take back the complain as Harsh complained. Harsh comes and says I registered the complain. Pallavi sees Harsh and gets emotional. Pallavi remembers Harsh playing cricket as a child. Pallavi smiles remembering his childhood. Nick and Pallavi look at each other. Harsh says Gagan is a fraud. Harsh says put him in jail. Gagan is shocked. Nick tries to explain Harsh. Gagan is put in jail. Harsh faces Pallavi and says you left me so many years back so now you can’t tag me as your son, Miss Pallavi. Pallavi remembers how Harsh called him by his name as kid. They play. Flashback ends.

Nick takes Harsh out and says you can’t do this to Gagan. Harsh says you want to support Pallavi, she is getting what she gave us, pain. Nick says shut up, take the complaint back and save your energy. Harsh says you taught us that money is everything, family and relations don’t matter. Nick says Gagan returned the money, what’s this. Harsh asks did you check the bag, there were no notes, we were cheated. Nick asks what, he is your brother, we are family. Harsh says I want my money back from that cheat family. He goes to the Inspector and says arrest Pallavi also, 50 lakhs isn’t a small amount. Harsh shouts and coughs. She worries. Harsh says don’t show me the fake concern, you know my illness, even then you left me, return my 50 lakhs, I will take the complain back. Gagan asks who are you. Harsh says ask your mom. He says Inspector, Gagan shouldn’t come out of the lockup. Pallavi asks him to stop.

Harsh goes to Nandita. She smiles and asks are you okay. Harsh says Pallavi had nothing to say, I got a relief by hurting her. She recalls Nick giving her the money. She says they returned the money to us. Harsh says so what, just you have seen it. She says you are a genius, bye. FB ends. Pallavi runs after Harsh’s car. He leaves. The dirty water splashes over her face. She cries. Nick comes to help her. She says Harsh was young, he used to call me Pallavi instead Maa, I felt it bad when he said that today, he is my first child, he hates me.

Nick says I couldn’t give him love, its his bitterness. She says I left him, when this decision happened, the other kids were young, Harsh was sensible, he had seen us getting separated, what shall I do. Ranveer comes and holds her. They leave. Nick looks on. Nick thinks we never thought that one kid will get against the other. Bua asks Manna and Harsh to have dinner. Nick comes. Nandita asks him to join. Nick signs a cheque of 50 lakhs and asks Harsh to take the complaint back.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pallavi decides to save Gagan. Mana reveals to Pallavi how Harsh planned this all.

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