Appnapan 29th July 2022 Written Update: Pallavi takes a strong and shocking decision!


Appnapan 29th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pallavi asking Nick to stay in limits and not to make kids get pampered. Nani comes and says he has the right as he is their dads too. Nick says let it be, she always have problem, I just wanted to have a dinner with kids, you will never change your possesive side. Pallavi says I am stubborn so I won’t let my kids go away from me. Mana gets emotional and thinks there is always drama. Harsh enjoys the drama and smiles. Nick says I am their dad so I will give my kids things you can’t give them. Pallavi is angry.

Ranveer asks Nani to do something. Nani says no one can stop them they have their own story let them be. Nick says have you ever wanted to give your kids a better life. Pallavi thinks about the lawyer’s words about getting married. Pallavi says people say I am a alone woman so I can’t do anything but I have raised them alone and people think without a dad the family is not complete so I will give them a dad and Ranveer will complete the family. Everyone is shocked. Pallavi says Ranveer can become a good dad. Nick fumes in anger. Mana cries when Ishan calms her.

Pallavi goes to Ranveer. Ranveer is surprised. Pallavi looks emotionally at Ranveer. Harsh leaves. Nick says you have decided so I won’t stop you, as I haven’t stopped you before also, but kids are mine and I am their dad, if you have decided to come between me and my kids then the war is on. Pallavi says okay let’s start. Nick says offcourse you are ready, you have an habit to make the other person feel like a useless. Nick says I let it go but this time I won’t let it go. Pallavi says don’t scream in my house. Nick says you also don’t scream, you won’t rise by screaming. Nick says we decided to make our kids stay with us respectively, but you always break the rules. Pallavi says you had two kids still you didn’t give them love. Nick says you have no right to say that.

Nick comes to Ranveer and says I want you to be happy but she is a unsatisfied person always so no matter what you do she will be sad so back out when there is time. Pallavi says what right you have to tell what kind of wife I will be, I remember what you did with Sonali. Nick says you did it with her. They get shocked while kids wonder who is Sonali. Nick leaves.

Barkha and Gagan ask about Sonali and how she really wants to marry Ranveer? Harsh smirks and thinks so much entertainment. Mana and kids worry and cries. Nani thinks after so many years Sonali’s name is taken no one should know what happened or else situation will worsen.

Ranveer tries to relax Pallavi who is crying. Pallavi apologies to Ranveer. Ranveer says I know you said that to keep your kids with you, I know you from so many years and your life revolves around your kids I really like that about you. Pallavi says but I can’t use someone for my wants, I can’t play with your sentiments, I won’t be able to be a real wife to you, if you want you can deny for the marriage, I know you must be feeling bad the way I told everyone. Ranveer comes near Pallavi and wipes her tears. Ranveer says your this strength makes you so special, I am your best friend and will always be that for you. Pallavi says I don’t know what good I have done to have a good friend like you.

Nick is driving and remembers the way Pallavi said the news. He gets angry and then loses control on his car. Here, Pallavi also remembers the night and the way they brought up Saloni. She remembers past about Sonali saying it was not in my control but please don’t tell him or else I will get destroyed and will die. Pallavi says I always thought Nick changed but she didn’t change even after us having kids. Flashback ends. Pallavi thinks Sonali came back to the picture again. Nick thinks we decided never to take Sonali’s name she was not at fault. Nick remembers past where people attend Sonali’s last rites. Flashback ends. Nick gets upset and angry.

Here, the kids cry and show anger over Pallavi’s decision. Sid tries to calm them. Barkha says we will be embarassed. Badal says let’s not come to conclusions we don’t know what she is going through. Harsh asks Mana to not get upset over Pallavi and now you know she does everything she feels is right.

Sid thinks his phone is on charging he goes to find and sees Barkha’s live feed still going on. Sid thinks shit the live is still going on and people are commenting on that. Sid thinks to do something. Sid says guys I want to go for some work will come later. Barkha says pass me my phone. Barkha comes and sees her phone is switched off. Sid thanks god and leaves. Here, Nandita comes to an upset Nick. Nick gets relieved to have someone by his side. Nandita tries to cheer him up and says we need the kids back don’t worry I am with you. Nick thanks her for her presence. Nandita says they are not just your kids, they are equally mine and have always raised them like mine. Nandita gets emotional and says I also feel like my kids have gone far from me, how can Pallavi do this? She took them all. Nick says we will fight off, Pallavi thinks Ranveer is the solution but it won’t be.

Episode ends.

Precap – Lawyer helps Nick and Nandita. Lawyer says ee need to show Pallavi having lose character. Nick is shocked.

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