Appnapan 29th June 2022 Written Update: Pallavi gets to know something shocking!


Appnapan 29th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pallavi coming back home and Nani asking about Gagan. The neighbours try to evesdrop so Nani says you listen properly come. The neighbours say nothing like that. Pallavi goes inside so Nani asks them to leave. Barkha tries to find Gagan and asks for him. Barkha says I knew it you won’t be able to bail him out. Pallavi says I will go to any extent to save Gagan, but first tell me you wanted to marry Ishan and now this decision? Barkha says you are asking me this? Badal says mom has just come back. Barkha says you are expert in leaving relationships and I learnt it from you, all our lives are ruined because of you. Badal says it was your decision to marry Ishan, how is it mom’s fault? we have to pay for our deeds. Barkha goes inside. Badal also leaves.

Nani asks who filed rhe complaint against Gagan, Nikil? Pallavi says no. Here, Nick offer 50 lakh rupees to Harsh to take back the complaint. Harsh takes it and tears it. Harsh says I told you Gagan and his family has to arrange for the money, they never cared about the other kids so how does it matter, let him struggle. Nandini smirks while Mana is disturbed. Nick says whatever we did it was our issue. Harsh says and we were not even cared for, I don’t need to listen to you. Harsh asks Nandita to send food to room. Nick says you knew about the complaint right? Nandita says he dropped here just like that even I am surprised. Nick leaves.

In Ama Kitchen, Pallavi tries to calculate her savings and worries for Gagan. Ranveer tries to calm her and says these savings are not enough and bail won’t be granted before Monday. Pallavi asks Ranveer to sell her share in the business as that much amount would be enough. Ranveer gives water to Pallavi. Ranveer says this business is your hardwork, don’t sell out your share, this is nothing without you. Pallavi says my kids are everything for me and if they are not here then what’s the use. Pallavi asks Ranveer to bring the best lawyer. Pallavi gives money to Ranveer and requests him. Ranveer looks at her.

Pallavi is shown going to various places and lawyers for the case. She tries to explain her case but no one supports her. Ranveer also tries to find a lawyer but they find no one. Badal sees paper in college getting sold so he thinks of earning money again.

A lawyer tries to show support by offering his plan and for advance payment. Pallavi asks for some time so the lawyer says sure take your time but after money only I can help you. Pallavi takes a leave. Harsh and Mana are driving when Harsh complains about the city. Mana says there must be something good.

 Harsh says you are drinking in daytime? Mana says you are putting wrong blame on Gagan why? Harsh says Pallavi is the answer due to her you are taking so much alcohol, this is my way to take revenge from her. Later, Ishan comes to meet Barkha. Ishan asks why did you break up? Why are you here? Ishan says did you ever think what I am going through? You are going through a lot, so let me be there for you. Barkha says please leave Ishan. Just then Pallavi comes in and asks Barkha to talk to Ishan.

Barkha goes and Ishan takes a leave. Pallavi is worried to not being able to arrange money and tries to find her jewelleries. Nani tries to calm Pallavi and gives her juice while Pallavi cries and worries for Gagan. Nani says even I am unable to see the pain of my kid. Pallavi cries. Nani says if you want to fight then do so but not in empty stomach. Nani says you are doing what is in your hand, leave it on god the rest. Nani calms Pallavi.

Next day, Pallavi is doing household chores when she sees Mana outside her house. Pallavi asks Mana what is she doing here? Mana says I wanted to meet you and then I thought I am in hotel but I am here. Pallavi says why do you drink? Mana says don’t start again. Pallavi asks Mana to talk but first to go inside.

Mana says Gagan didn’t steal, it’s all  a plan to take revenge from you, Harsh wanted to see you in pain. Pallavi thanks Mana. Pallavi requests Mana not to drink. Mana says don’t start your lecture. Mana says Harsh shouldn’t face problem due to this. Pallavi says who has done mistake he will pay. Pallavi goes inside. Later, Pallavi comes to police station. The inspectors are gossiping when Pallavi comes. Inspector asks if she was able to arrange money?

Pallavi says I have not got the money, I am here to tell the truth, Gagan has not stolen, this theft is done by me. Gagan gets shocked. Pallavi says Gagan is stuck because he is my son, I know what I am saying. Police confirms so Pallavi confirms. Inspector says we are not idiots to believe you. Pallavi starts shouting when Lolita comes to calm Pallavi. Inspector says we will verify your statement and then take decision.

Pallavi says I have confessed so arrest me. Inspector says don’t fool us, let us investigate. Lolita takes Pallavi outside and calms her. Pallavi says if inspector investigates then Gagan will be proven right but Harsh will get arrested. Pallavi says I am losing on both sides, if I tell this to inspector then he will lose his passport and it will hamper Harsh’s career.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pallavi assures Gagan to save him. Ranveer tries to sell the restaurant to arrange money. Harsh and Nandita plan against Pallavi.

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